My Watercolors

Here are my paintings from this week!



Me So Soup
Me So Soup

Super Horsie Bob
Super Horsey Bob


Isabel Finished Her Math!

We accomplished our goals for the week. We finished Little House on the Prairie and Isabel finished her Alpha Math U See book. For her reward, this morning Joey took her out to breakfast at The Cracked Egg.  Tonight while eating ice cream she got her  official congratulatory certificate (copied from the back of the book) that says that she passed.


Last night we went to a drive in with another family.  I had never been to a drive in before.  It was certainly an experience.  Not a great movie watching experience, but an experience.  Today we had lunch at a party at our community pool.  Joey is unemployed for a week so Monday it is off to California for a vacation.  Yay.

Super Luke Advertisement

Aside from Isabel not understanding her math and not believing anything I tried to teach her about it (because she knows more than I do about everything) today was a great day. I assisted Isabel in making Easy Bake Oven shortbread cookies. I always feel like such a great mom after Easy Bake time because I really don’t enjoy doing it and I know Isabel loves it. Luke worked on a Super Luke book, then made an advertisement by drawing a picture, scanning it, and coloring it in paint. Here it is. Doesn’t it make you want to go out and purchase the latest Super Luke adventure?!

Super Luke in Color

Isabel had her ukulele lesson and learned the beginning of the Beatles song, Something. When we got home she practiced in the middle of the living room and Sylvia and I threw coins in her case.


Luke found a praying mantis and played with it for most of the afternoon.


We also had a lot of friends over for some Slip n Slide fun and snacks after sucker school, oops, I mean public school got out. And I can’t leave out Sylvia. She’s been really getting into the princess dresses lately.


Movie Day

Today is Tuesday, so no school.  We went to the free 10 am kids movie at the theater with a couple of our friends.  The movie was Arctic Tale.  Afterward, since I was out of the theater at the end (thanks Sylvia) Isabel let me know that all of the animals started their own families.  I commented that that was a happy ending!  She then said, “No it wasn’t!”  My response, “Huh?”  Then Isabel, “The baby brother died!” and she burst into tears and I had to hug and console Isabel for a few minutes while Sylvia got herself lost again.  One of the baby polar bears had died earlier in the show.  I didn’t really expect this reaction from her since Luke is usually the super sensitive one.

Quote of the day:

“If Sylvia was in a video game it would be rated “M” for mature.”  –Luke

This Week’s Goal

Luke and Isabel did a lot of drawing and writing today. Then Math. Then from our Tell Me About The World book we learned how deep the Pacific Ocean is.  It was a little geography lesson as well since we needed to get out a map and globe.

We then had a little history lesson when Luke read us the book, Wright Brothers by Lisa Wade McCormick.  I then read out loud Little House on the Prairie to them.  My goal for this week is to have that book finished and for Isabel to finish her Math book.

Last Day of Camp Invention

This morning after dropping the camp invention boys off, us girls had to go to Target. At the end of shopping I bought the girls a juice box so that we could sit in the little cafe for a minute and rest. Isabel was almost in tears when she realized that the plastic tube of little farm animals that she had picked out of the dollar section was still hanging on our stroller handlebar and didn’t get paid for. I went back and paid for it. When I got back to our table, she was staring at her juice box in disgust and asked, “Did you pay for this mom?”

Since it was the last day of camp invention, the families got to come near the end and get a tour of all of the projects they had done. It was so much fun to see all of the creative projects they did. Here are a couple of pictures.