My Etsy Art

Here they are from this week.

Wonder Cat League
Wonder Cat League


Bernie 2
Bernie 2


6 thoughts on “My Etsy Art

  1. Hey! I got your e-mail, but unfortunatly I somehow deleted it….don’t ask, and I don’t have your personal e-mail… Anyway, I kinda slacked off on the blog, I just wasn’t accomplishing anything and it was so lame. I think it’s a lot of fun to read other peoples’ blogs occasionally. I have a ton of goals this year and I just can’t seem to fit in writing a blog. I started the blog to showcase my crafty little projects, but like I said…it was lame. My projects are coming right along though…as is your painting. I admire your talent! E-mail me your e-mail..he he.

  2. I’ve taken a liking to Bernie. I think I’m drawn to all your flexible and dancy pictures, probably because that’s what I am in another life.

  3. Looking at the flying cats made me wonder how much of any influence has Super Luke had on your art.

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