Our Leap Day Party was a lot of fun. My friend Kollen, came over early to help me get ready and I sure needed it. About six of us moms were there and however many kids we have between us. Kollen helped the kids make a cute frog craft and they played a few games. Musical Lily Pads (Musical Chairs) and Leap Over (Red Rover.) Then cupcakes.

I was so busy with games and playing host that I never got any really great pictures of the party, so I’ll have to leave you with this one of Sylvia eating a Leap Day Party cupcake on the toilet. (My little girl is a multi-tasker!)



An Email to my Mother-in-Law


Thanks for the supplies and books you gave to us!  Like I’ve said before, it is difficult to find good beginning reading books.

I think the main thing that holds Isabel back with reading is lack of confidence in herself.  If she comes to a word she can’t read she feels embarrassed and wants to give up.  Out of the books that you gave me I put together a large stack that I know is her level.  I told her that once she has read all of them then Joey and I will take, just her, out to IHOP.  She is very motivated now and feels very proud of herself each time she finishes a book pretty much without any help from me.

Thanks for being so supportive.  I love you.


A Fellow Unschooler (or a fellow crazy)

This morning we went on a much needed Costco trip and then had a pot luck lunch at Kollen’s house.  Many women came, kids all over the place and food galore!  It was great.

During all of the commotion, I was able to talk with Andrea, a fellow home schooler.  She started home schooling this last year when I did, but we haven’t gotten together very often.  I confessed to her that I only have a math curriculum and everything else is whatever we want to learn or think up.  She said that math is the only subject that she has a curriculum for as well.  Most home schoolers that I’ve run into use curriculum for most subjects and so it really made me feel at ease that Andrea is teaching her children in a very unschoolish way as well.  I know I shouldn’t look to other people to validate the way I teach my children, but I must admit, seeing that Andrea teaches similarly to the way I do made me feel not so crazy.  Or maybe I just found a fellow crazy.

I also met a woman who has two girls the same ages as mine.  When it came out that I home school and she mentioned that she had thought about doing that I really encouraged her.  Her girls are very bright it is apparent that she was doing a great job home schooling them before her oldest daughter started Kindergarten this school year.  On a selfish note: More home schoolers in my neighborhood means more of a support group for me and more friends during school hours for my kids!

Tonight we will do some school stuff at the kitchen table while we make cupcakes for tomorrow’s Leap Day Party.

Just a List

A list of what we did today for school…

-Isabel read three books to me.

-Luke read a book about the skeletal system and taught us.

-Isabel wrote and drew a picture to her aunt while Luke wrote a letter and drew a maze for his pen pal.

-They both did their math worksheets.

-Isabel did calendar.

-I read them two books.

-We played outside with Nara (our neighbor’s two year old)

-We played at the park.

Dinosaur Tracks


We visited Joey’s family in Saint George, Utah. The city of Saint George is in a very dry desert with red rocks, black volcanic rocks and sand dunes. On Saturday at the museum we learned that approximately 195 million years ago it was a lush area with a large lake.

The museum is located on the discover site of hundreds of dinosaur tracks, swim tracks, tail tracks, fish fossils, etc. They are still in the process of building the museum, but half of it is opened and was fun and interesting. It will be fun to go back again when it is completed. Their dinotrax website has great pictures and information.

Fun Friday

Today was kind of a worksheet day. On days that I must do things around the house (today I am packing for our weekend trip to Saint George) I look on the internet and print off some fun things for them to do. I went to SuperKids.com and made a word search for them consisting of their names, the cats names, etc. Luke liked this What Number Am I crossword and Isabel and I did this Onomatopoeia one together.

Isabel drew a picture for great-grandma Kay and Luke wrote and drew all about his Kids league characters that he has made stories out of. It is fun for me to imagine how delighted (and very confused) she will be when she reads it.  Isabel took a math test and Luke is learning how to tell time.