Blue Diamond

Last night Luke and Isabel were wrestling in the grass like puppies and Luke split open his knee and had to get 4 stitches.  He gets injured too many times for being such a safety nerd.  Today Isabel had her ukulele lesson and afterward we went to a birthday party.  Dora fell off of her rope so they tied the rope around her neck to make pinatas even more gruesome!  It was great!  Vamanos!


The highlight of our day was going to the City of Blue Diamond, “Population low, Elevation high” whatever that means.  There are about 360 people living there.  We went there to use their library and post office.  It was the smallest post office I have ever seen and I was their only customer.  The library was the size of our livingroom and kitchen put together and it was fabulous to know that there was no where for Sylvia to run off to.  I stuck Hazel on a blanket on the floor and read Sylvia a book while Luke and Isabel looked around and read their own books.  I found out from a local that the city puts on a great Fourth of July parade and party in the park.  I love small town Fourth of July celebrations.  We just might have to drive over to Blue Diamond and pretend to be a local on July 4th!


Egg Drop

Luke and his cub scout egg drop container thingy


I can remember going to one of these cub scout egg drop things for my brothers.  Yesterday was the last day of cub scout camp and the boys’ families were invited to come and watch the egg drop.  The boys had to put together some kind of container that would be able to hold and protect a raw egg from breaking when thrown off of a crane.  I don’t think that last sentence was grammatically correct, but basically we watched some guy chuck boxes with eggs in them off of a crane.  I was very proud of Luke and myself.  Luke, for inventing and doing it all by himself, and me for letting him.  He wanted to wrap his egg up tightly so I suggested gauze.  He then used pillow stuffing in an “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter” container and nestled the egg inside.  He also attached (alright I mostly did the work on that) a plastic bag parachute.  I thought for sure his egg would still break, so I had him decorate it (notice the Dark Gladiator logo) because my motto is “If you know you are going down, go down with style.”  (original quote by Sabrina, copyright 2009…kidding.)

His egg did survive!  It was so sad because after they unwrapped his egg they threw it out (I don’t blame them.)  But when Luke informed me of this, he was on the verge of tears.  Then driving home he sighed, “I miss my egg.”  I guess when you work so hard to protect something, it’s pretty devastating to see someone throw it out like that.  He is a little bit of a sentimental pack rat, seriously, what was he going to do with the egg if he kept it?!  Here is something oh so useful that Luke learned from the other boys at scout camp…

0014(the bare feet is Sylvia trying to get in the picture and at least that is CLEAN laundry on my couch.)

Sylvia loves “Fairly Happy’s” Zack.  Today he was over and Sylvia was constantly chasing him and harassing him.  She tells him that she loves him and that he is her boyfriend.  Oh and also that she will marry him after she marries “Baby Bryton.”  (FYI: “baby” Bryton is older than she is.)  I don’t blame Sylvia, Zack is a cutie.


Quotes of the Day

“When you have brothers and sisters, it’s like having friends over ALL THE TIME!”

“Grandpa Oldham is an orphan!  He doesn’t have any parents because they died.”


Bellybuttons Worship Cellphones

I bought this game at Target last week and tried it out yesterday.  My kids loved it.  Such a good school game.  We played for a long time and Luke wondered when we were going to “do some school.”  It was nice to be able to tell him that Mad Libs is school.  Luke loved his sentences that he made up so much that he wrote them all down.  Bellybuttons Worship Cellphones was one of our favorite three word sentences.  They learned very quickly that it is pretty much impossible to make a sentence if you are all out of nouns.

The Princess and the Pizza

The women in our church wanted us to get a chance to serve in the community so they appointed all of us The Story Time Ladies at the William Wright Elementary School. We got to sign up to either go to the school and read a book or to babysit someone’s children while they are at the school reading. Today I was Princess Paulina (of Princess Paulinas’ Pizza Palace of course.) The pizza delivery girl, Princess Isabel, came with me! I read The Princess and the Pizza by Mary Jane Auch and Herm Auch. It was so much fun.  We taught the first graders how to do the princess wave and afterward they had fun asking Paulina questions about her pizza palace.


My Favorite Things About Today

–Hazel eats Cheerios.

–Luke loves scout camp.  He comes home so energetic with lots of stories about archery, scavenger hunts and shishkabobs.

–THE most obnoxious yet cute thing ever, after I did whatever I needed to do in the bathroom, I flushed the toilet and opened up the door to Isabel shouting at me, “CONGRATULATIONS!  YOU JUST WENT TO THE BATHROOM!”

–Sylvia did nice guy cross eyes and mean guy cross eyes.

Reader Discretion

This morning Luke and Isabel taught Sylvia how to play follow the leader.  She loved the power of being a leader but wasn’t a very vigilant follower.  Other than that, we mostly did basic school today, Journal writing, math worksheets, workbook etc.  Luke has scout camp for four hours every night until Friday this week.  I am sure he is loving it right now being with all of his friends (instead of his three younger sisters.)

My “Fairly Happy” friend and I are each going to start a once a week class for our children.  I love her kids and am so excited.  This will be  fun and help me to actually plan and prepare something definite to teach each week.


Today was trash day (important fact in a minute.)  This morning we had our front door opened to let in some cool air.  Sylvia was outside in the driveway and wanted to play in Joey’s car.  So I let her.  A few minutes later she came inside holding something saying, “They threw this out!”  I couldn’t see what she was holding so I asked, “Who did?”  her response, “Our neighbors!”  As I came closer I could see that whatever she was holding looked like pink chapstick so of course Sylvia would wonder why anyone would throw out something beautiful and pink.  When I finally saw what it was I made Sylvia throw it away and wash her hands then and there.  It was a pink TAMPON APLICATOR!

*Tampon companies:  Please please please don’t make your products pink!*