A neighbor of ours is really into model trains.  He told us about a friend of his in town who is REALLY into trains and having an open house.  It was amazing.

The treasure hunt made it so much fun.  We only found 3 “smirfs” by the way.

This was Sylvia’s favorite, the bear eating the horse.

Isabel and I were determined and found ALL of the things on the treasure hunt.

because the kids completed the treasure hunt they got a train whistle, Hazel was too little to do the treasure hunt so she improvised her own train whistle.

Here is some good video footage.



Going geocaching with the Jones’s!  The first geocache was near an old cemetery and was found easily by the boys.

The Jones’s put in their trademark baby while we put in an eight ball sticker (hope this isn’t our trademark though.)  We took out some tiny dried flowers.

The next geocache was more difficult to find.  In fact, we never did find it 😦  Travis Jones has a rep for dreaming of where the geocache is hidden, so as soon as he does, we will go back and find it!

These two were no help.

Boys playing on the hill.  Sylvia had a cactus injury.

Latest and Greatest Artwork

Here is some of the latest and greatest artwork from my four artists…

Sylvia asks me for help drawing a horse but she can draw them better than I can!

Another one of Isabel’s fancy girls with a detailed dress.

Luke’s Link

Hazel has drawn several of these pictures of “Mommy being mean at nighttime.”  They all look pretty much the same as this one.


Halloween 2011

Isabel saved up her allowance money for a month to buy her princess costume, Luke on the other hand, grabbed a wig and lab coat from our house and bought some dollar store glasses the day before Halloween.