The Tooth Fairy Does NOT Work on Sundays

Yesterday Isabel finally lost her yellowing top front snaggle tooth. Why is it so difficult for me to remember to be the tooth fairy? This morning our lame excuse was that the tooth fairy doesn’t work on Sundays. Luke helped out by adding, “Yeah, like the mailman” (which by the way he just found out about. Yesterday he tried to get the mail.) Last tooth that I forgot to be the fairy for we were staying in a hotel so the excuse was that the Tooth Fairy couldn’t find her. I CAN’T forget again tonight.


2 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy Does NOT Work on Sundays

  1. These are the pressures of parenthood that no one ever talks about…my wife puts this task on me.

    Put something on your pillow to remind you of the tooth. That way when you get ready to get into bed, this “thing” will remind you. Something that isn’t supposed to be there. It works for me…unless I have been banished to the couch!

  2. HA!

    I did an author school assembly the other day, and told the assembled k-4th graders that if their tooth is still there in the morning, it’s because their parents snuck into their rooms before the tooth fairy, hoping to catch sight of her. Too smart for that (with her high-tech spy tools), she flew on (on her jet-powered tooth board).

    I also told them the tooth fairy ONLY deals in quarters, because she’s got to make her life simple — and that if the kids found something else under their pillows, it’s because of their parents. “Some parents,” I said, “just can’t help getting involved.” HAAA!

    I’ve had a lot of parents thank me for helping to keep down their tooth budgets. 😉

    author, You Think It’s Easy Being the Tooth Fairy?
    12,000+ copies sold!

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