We Love Road Trips!

It always takes us at least two days to prepare for a road trip and when we leave our house is usually a mess.  This will be our first trip in a long time with NO DIAPERS!!!  (although I’ve packed some adult diapers for us all in case we are really in a hurry and have to skip bathroom stops…KIDDING.)   Here are the girls cleaning the car for me.  They really ended up fighting and wiping the windows with cleaning wipes (which I told them to avoid) so it was more trouble but the point is that they thought they were helping…right?

Here is ninja master Sylvia making us some sub sandwiches.

Look out, she’s got skills…sandwich making skills.

The white band is actually toilet paper and I think she wanted it there because earlier she was pretending to be a dog with a head injury.


Old Pueblo Trolley

Saturday night we finally rode the Old Pueblo Trolley!

I love Tucson summers at night.  All the windows open and it’s hot.

Volunteers run the trolley as well as the Museum of Transportation.  Mmmmmmm, seems we will have to check out the museum.

It runs through a really fun part of town with a lot of unique restaurants and shops.

Alas, with six kids with us (two tag alongs) we chose to make a stop at Dunkin where it’s always cheep with sweet doughy goodness.