Watercolor Weekends

I have made a goal to do at least one watercolor a week and post what I’ve got on the weekends.  Painting is a better answer than, “doing the dishes and changing diapers” when someone asks me what my hobby is.

They hatched!







Another Day

Lately Luke and Isabel have been learning about World War 2. Well, mostly about the Nazis and Jews in Europe during WWII. I really can’t remember how it came up but one day I taught them the basics, Nazis, Jews, concentration camps, war, 1945, six million, etc. Luke was especially intrigued when I told them that the Nazis killed Jewish people in horrible ways, shooting them, starvation, making them work to death, etc. Luke started thinking of and volunteering more horrible ways to die, “drowning, getting cut in half.” (can anyone say, future serial killer?) At the library this week I got the biographical book, Anne Frank by Wil Mara. These little books are great for young children. They give the basic information with a lot of great pictures without being too long. These small historic books are not written with much emotion, yet I cried while reading it to them.

On a lighter note….!

It is so nice when I have some fun activity to bribe the kids with. This morning I was able to say, “Hurry finish your work and we can go to the park!”

They both worked on their math, wrote cards to cousins with June birthdays, Isabel and I went through some of our sign language flash cards and Luke drew some mazes. At the park they rode their scooters and then played in the water. Here’s a picture of Sylvia going nuts as usual.


NOT why I homeschool

I was about to title this NOT why we homeschool. Joey and I probably feel the same about this list, but you never know, so I should always only speak for myself.

I know I’ve talked a lot about why I homeschool, but here is a short list of NOT why I homeschool. My meaning is that I feel that these are big reason for some people to homeschool, but not for me.

Dissatisfied with the School System:
I hear so many people complain about the Clark County School District. This school district isn’t known to be great….or even good….okay, it’s known for NOT being good, but for the two years that Luke was in school he had great teachers and I think that made all the difference. So I’ve never had a problem with the schools and never thought to question public school in general.

Let me make it clear that my religion is very important and dear to me. It is nice to be able to discuss or answer a religious topic when it comes up in the middle of something, but I personally have never been bothered by the no public prayers in school thing.

Genius Kids:
My kids are very smart, but if whether or not they become geniuses has to do with my teaching skills, then they can just forget about it. Enough said.

My Personal Views and Opinions:
Joey and I (oops, I better stick to speaking for myself) I am not a very opinionated person. Things are controversial for a reason…because both sides are very convincing! But, my own opinions or views (like my weird thing about how I don’t like flags, I like the U.S., just not the flag) I strongly keep to myself in front of my kids. I mean, of course my views about homicide I share with them (in case you are wondering my view is that homicide is bad.) What I am talking about are scientific theories, political views, and all that. I like to try and let them speculate or decide for themselves. Sorry I am going off on a tangent about this, but the other day I heard a little kid say that on their Idaho trip it was really cold so see, there isn’t such thing as global warming. Which, for a little kid to say that….that’s weird.

Sylvia and the Purple Crayon

The other day I found Sylvia coloring purple on our living room wall which really irritated me because she hasn’t done that in a long time.  I scolded her and gave her a wash cloth to clean it up.  (I have to buy one of those Magic Erasers next time I am at the store.)  Later that day it dawned on me that the day before I had read her the book, Harold and the Purple Crayon.  I asked her if she was trying to be like Harold and she said, “I drawed the moon!”  For those of you who haven’t read the book, that means, yes, she was trying to be like Harold.


Sylvia:  I think her attention span is getting a little longer (HOORAY!)  She can sit and look at books for quite a while now.

Isabel:  She is doing great at sign language and likes to form sentences.  Example:  “Mom, come and play today.”  Also she’s been drawing every day in her sketch book I got for her.

Luke:  As always, he is great at his personal reading.  He just finished Inkheart by Cornelia Funke and downed a few Secrets of Droon books.

Joey (dad):  After dinner he is always so good to have us read scriptures together and then he does Science with the kids.

Me:  I am good about having the kids do their math each day.  Also, I’ve been pretty good about keeping the house clean (clean for me) and helping (forcing) the kids to keep their rooms clean.

Rest in Peace Paper Bodies

We finally had the brain and heart lesson. Luke, Isabel and Sylvia got to finish off their paper bodies.




Now I can throw them away so I can touch up paint over the crayon (thanks Sylvia) in the loft (old schoolroom) and hall. Now what to do with the empty loft?….hmmmm, trophy room? conservatory? parlor? We shall see.


A Chilly 78 degrees

This week we’ve been back on track. Having our schoolroom be a bookshelf in the kitchen is working out so much better. Being downstairs in the kitchen is where the hubub always is anyway, so having papers, crayons, books, etc. right there makes things very convenient. Before every meal I have at least six pictures Isabel has drawn that I have to clear off….which is great! I guess I need to have a special place that she can put all of her drawings, but the point is that they are getting into drawing, maze making, letter writing and whatever else on their own because it is all right there.

The Signing Time dvds are great. Isabel learns so much more from that then from me trying to teach her from a book. We have been making flash cards of the words we’ve learned and the stack is getting thick! Here is a great ASL dictionary online.

I planned that today after they finished all of their chores, school, and piano, we would go to the pool, but since it is an oh so chilly 78 degrees outside, Sylvia and Luke helped me make cinnamon muffins and we read Little House on the Prairie together.

Jazz Lose to Lakers Despite Luke’s Good Luck Jersey

Tonight was great. It was the first time Luke ever sat with me and watched an entire basketball game. OK, so the Jazz lost to the Lakers, which was highly annoying, but it was fun to have Luke there making running commentary on the game. For example, he kept talking about how weird it must be for Derek Fisher, who was on the Jazz last year, to play against his old team and that he must have lots of friends on the Jazz. Also, he was talking about some special move you can do when there are two seconds left to shoot. I didn’t get it. I told him at one point that Carlos Boozer was playing terrible and he better go put on his Boozer jersey to give him some good luck. So Luke did but it didn’t help – Boozer let us down.

(Random note: No Jazz fan should be surprised they lost – when I saw that Steve Javie was one of the referees for the game I should have known it was over. The Jazz never win when he’s one of the refs – seriously, never.)