Merry Christmas


Anual Weekend Before Christmas Saint George, UT Visit

Over the weekend we visited Grandma and Grandpa Vincent in Saint George, Utah.  We stayed the first night in Flagstaff, Arizona.  The kids loved the snow (even though it was the hard kind) but for Joey and me, it helped reaffirm our stance on never living anywhere that frequently gets below 50 degrees during the day.

Christmas program/talent show.  I didn’t get pictures, but Luke passed out a maze that he did, Isabel played Row Row Row your Boat on the guitar and Sylvia danced around in a dress up.

Here is Joey reading The Cremation of Sam McGee.  (Take a good look now before Joey makes me take this picture off.)

Warning: The rest of these pictures are for grandparents of course.

Sylvia in her fancy Christmas dress.  Oh and by the way, don’t call her gorgeous, according to her, she is NOT gorgeous, she is pretty, cute or beautiful.

Hazel in her fancy new Christmas dress.  GROW SOME HAIR KID!

Isabel in her fancy new Christmas dress.

Luke with some boring boy clothes on enduring another picture.

Bicycle Trails

In Tucson people are always riding bicycles or outside with their dog…weird.  This morning I took the kids on one of the many bike trails around here.

The girls.

Don’t let the snow hat deceive you, we went out early in the morning, later that day it was in the 70’s.

Played at a playground afterward.

I am SO proud of myself.  I looked on youtube today for a “how to” and learned how to french braid hair!!!  Not too bad for my first time (and considering Hazel was attacking us with the hair brush for most of the time.)

Last weekend I bought a twin bed for Luke that I found on Craig’s List for $20.  I told him he could paint it however he wanted.  Yesterday we went to Home Depot and Luke learned how to pick out a color and order it from the paint counter.  Today we all helped him sand the bed and wipe it clean.  He keeps asking if he can please paint it all by himself (really what he is saying is NO ISABEL AND SYLVIA PLEASE!)

Luke has started a new blog:  Luke’s Entomology Discoveries
Also, don’t forget Isabel’s:  The Red Ruby (I am trying to get her to put her art on there)

Bath, Office, Maze

It was cloudy outside this morning and Luke was still sleeping so the girls figured that the perfect thing to do would be to take a big bath together!

A few days ago I set up a little office in Isabel’s closet for her.  She loves it.  She has thanked me so many times (I feel bad I didn’t set it up earlier).  Since then I wont be able to find her, while searching in her room, I’ll see light coming out of the bottom of the closet and hear her using the cash register and “talking on the phone.”

Does anyone want to attempt this?…me neither.


Sylvia made herself a drum set out of kitchen supplies.  The great thing about this drum set was that she used dry spaghetti noodles for the drumsticks.  Nice and quiet.

Something about Sylvia is that if she is forbidden to touch something, do something, etc. then it becomes the thing she wants most in the world.  Here is an example.  This was a cute toy that was like a bean bag with a clear cover (on the other side)  it had little buttons, plastic figures as well as filling inside.  Apparently it’s been driving Sylvia mad that she can’t actually hold and touch the objects.  A pair of scissors and some private time in her room and viola!…problem solved.

Here is an “Indian Girl” that Sylvia drew.  It was so cute to see her come inside with fists full of leaves and flowers ready to glue them onto paper.

Also, Here is something from Luke.  You better believe the other side of the paper is coved like this as well.  Also, he is working on a new one and has asked that I do it today.  I am not sure if it is a maze or a video game on paper but we shall see.

Isabel has been drawing some very sad pictures lately.  She is our goth girl.  Her favorite color is black.

Cemetery Saturday

Yesterday Joey and Luke went for a hike.  Later in the afternoon they went out and shot the BB gun.  Luke told Joey he was a “crack shot.”

This cemetery is right near our house.

I have never seen a cemetery like this before.

Sylvia loved it there.

I love the colored rocks.

She loved these little benches.

I think Luke was pretty concerned when he saw how many young people had died.

Sylvia loved the headstones with the persons picture on it.  Here she is saying, “Mom, when you die I’ll make your face on there with my new tools.”

No really, Sylvia LOVED it there.  Isabel was at a birthday party at the time so we will have to go back on Monday.

Tucson is famous for it’s sunsets.  Here is a view off our front patio.

Luke and Isabel can play Scrabble together and I LOVE it.

Martha 1930-1931

This week has been a great week for homeschooling.  I haven’t felt that way for quite a while.  Here is a list of things that make me feel like a good mom/homeschoolee:

When I…

…feel that I’ve spent an equal(ish) amount of quality individual time with each child.
…am strict and consistent about their math, chores, video game time and bedtimes.
…am willing and excited to play a game with them, cook or bake with them etc. (or when I’m not lazy.)
…listen to them when they are talking to me (or at least made eye contact and nodded a lot even if I don’t know what they’re talking about.)
…fix them healthy(ish) meals.

Here are just a few fun things I tried to capture this week…

An email between Luke and Isabel.

(I just tried to copy and paste it but they put so many emoticons in it that it wouldn’t work.  HA!)

Picture Isabel drew.  (SO SAD!)

A Harold and the Purple Crayon (or marker) game that Sylvia and I made up.

Sylvia got her new math book.

Music practice.  I taught Isabel Row Row Row your Boat on the guitar and Sylvia made up her own song about “Clare’s Wedding.”

Isabel lost a tooth.

Joey tried to convince Isabel that the Tooth Fairy is a boy and Isabel didn’t believe him for a second.