The 2009 Not Back to School Party

The kids had fun at Ruth’s house playing a charades type game.
Water Party August 26 003
I am counting to three for Sylvia to get off the couch, HA.
Water Party August 26 004
Water Party August 26 007
Water fights in the backyard
Water Party August 26 009

Water Party August 26 010


Something in the Kitchen Sink

These are just some random pictures from yesterday…

Luke making a maze

025Isabel painting

026Hazel being cute

024Hazel looking up at something loud and crazy in the kitchen sink…


027Everyday I ask myself, “Why is this crazy kid in our family?” Then I answer myself, “Because we NEED her.”


First Day of School…for the suckers.

Yesterday was the first day of public school.  We celebrated by going to the Springs Preserve.  Luke had caught a tarantula hawk wasp, a hornet, and some squash bugs that he wanted to trade in.  With all of the points he received, he got some more cicada shells and this beautiful long horn beetle.  The first in his new insect collection case!


Like always, the Nature Exchange was a great experience.  The woman there spent a long time chatting with Luke about insects.  I think he really loves discussing insects with someone who “gets it” instead of me who can only FAKE “getting it.”

This picture is from the night before.  These curlers stayed in for an hour…tops.


Art History Reports

Yesterday was a wrap up of Art History.  I am so impressed with Luke, Isabel, Ben, and Luke.  They know something about and can recognize paintings from these artists…

Vincent Van Gogh
Leonardo da Vinci
Jackson Pollock
Mary Cassatt
Edgar Degas
Pablo Picasso
M.C. Escher
Norman Rockwell
Gustav Klimt
Andy Warhol
Claude Monet
Wassily Kandinsky
Georgia O’Keeffe

I had them each write anything they can remember about their favorite artist and then write why they like that artist.  They then drew a picture depicting the subject or style of that artist.  Luke V. and Luke S. both liked M.C. Escher the best.  I am wondering if this M.C. Escher in Legos sold them on him.


Luke’s report


Here is Luke’s M.C. Escher style sketch.  I love how he has signed his name in all different directions so that you can’t tell which way the picture is supposed to go.lukesartreportpic
Isabel’s report was on Georgia O’Keeffe.
Isabel’s southwest landscape.

Protect the Earth, Kill a Farting Cockroach

Saturday we went to the Springs Preserve again.  Here is what the kids brought into the Nature Exchange…


Isabel brought in the leaves that she pressed and laminated, Luke brought in the nest and little shell and Sylvia brought in “Patrick, the starfish.”  Afterward, Luke and Joey went to the Insect Pinning class there while the girls goofed around.


Here are their practice paper pinned insects.


After the class the boys shared some very interesting facts that they learned from the class, such as, did you know that…

“Insect flatulence may account for one-fifth of all the methane emissions on this planet. (Termites are also prodigious farters; indeed, dogs trained to sniff out termites are actually following their farts.) Cockroaches are among the biggest contributors to global warming, since they break wind every fifteen minutes. Furthermore, they continue to release methane gas for eighteen hours after they die.”

I thought for sure Joey and Luke were just being gross boys, but no, I found the same info here on Cockroaches, Gross Facts and Information. (And if you find something on the internet then it must be true right? hehehe.)