Hot n’ Cold


Surprising Little Daredevil

Today at the park I was surprised to find out that Hazel loves the slide.  As you can see by these pictures, the first few times I cautiously held her hand for part of the way down but soon figured out that she was very capable to do the whole thing herself.

The quality is not that great, but you get the idea.  Oh, and this was the one time that she got a little bit hurt so at the bottom of the slide she howls a bit before deciding to climb the stairs and do it all over again.


Yesterday we spent four hours at the Mini Time Machine Museum being models.  We had RSVPed to attend this photo/video shoot for a commercial or brochures or both.  They had an unbirthday party that Isabel was a part of, a story time, and a fake tour that Luke was begrudgingly in.  All of this was filmed and then photographed.  Oh also, the photographer did a mini photo shoot with just me holding Hazel looking at some miniature doll  houses.  At the end we got to have pizza and cake (why I RSVPed in the first place.)  Luke didn’t want to be in any pictures, Sylvia just ran around like her typical fun self, everyone had fun, but Isabel really got into it.  She loved being a model for a day.  This is the only picture I got, in the party room eating pizza since I think the rest of the museum, photography is off limits…(unless they’re doing a professional photo shoot of course.)  Oh, and Sylvia’s face in this picture, that’s not a random facial expression, that is her pose.

Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch

It took us a little under an hour to get to this ostrich ranch near Picacho Peak.

Luke feeding some deer.

Some goats saying, “feeeeed meeeee.”

Ostrich = scary

Yeah, we call her “eyebrows.”

So you mean I can’t sue?


Sylvia loved petting the donkeys.

The Lorikeets were the best!

We didn’t even get pooped on!

When the lorikeets drank all of the nectar in the little cup, crafty Sylvia tried to trick them by filling it with gross pond water.  They weren’t fooled.

Here’s my little bald lorikeet!

Just Pretend Like I’m Wearing Clothes

I know it is obnoxious to hear someone brag about their children so consider this post mostly for the grandparents and just skip it.

Luke read the book The Life of Pi and loved it.

Isabel’s baton teacher’s pulled me aside to ask me if she would want to compete because she is terrific.

Sylvia is definitely a smarty and is good at many things, but I am most impressed with how entertaining she is.  When Sylvia wanted to play a game with Isabel, Isabel suggested she put some clothes on first (Sylvia was stark naked of course) Sylvia’s solution, “Just pretend like I’m wearing clothes!”

Hazel, well, we went to the Children’s museum today and she protected her baby again.

Oh!  Remember how Hazel is a Monchhichi?!  Look what I found at the Children’s museum!!!

Did I Just Call the Bible Obnoxious?

I must say that I absolutely love The Story of the World.  I love that it is in chronological order, I love that it reads like a story book and not like a text book, and I love that it incorporates the history of the Bible without being obnoxious.  (Did I just call the Bible obnoxious?)  Oh, and I love that I am learning history along with them.

Monday’s history lesson was a fun lesson about the Phonecians.  I guess the Phonecians were expert glass makers and expert glass blowers.  They were also the only ones who could make the color purple.  Luke was convinced that since purple was so expensive, no one would buy it.  I then had to explain that that is just the reason why people would buy it, to show that they were rich enough to own purple.  That then led to comparing it to now days.  I love how silly that seems to children…as it should to everyone of course.  Now whenever Isabel sees glass or the color purple, she thinks that it must be expensive.

Here they are making their colored glass (wax paper and crayon shavings.)

And now we have a gorgeous back door.