Super Luke

Super Luke: Attack of the Robo-Chickens (one) by Luke Vincent

At Baby Powers Castle…
Baby King Powers: YAYAHA! Robo-chickens will get Super Sylvia!
(A flying Robo-Chicken is chasing Super Sylvia)
Super Sylvia: WAAA!
(Super Sylvia grabs the Robo-Chicken and slams him on the ground.)
(Super Sylvia pounds the Robo-Chicken, then punches it up in the air. She then kicks another Robo-Chicken’s head off.)
Baby King Powers: Since those Robo-Chickens didn’t work…
In Baby Kingdom…
Super Sylvia: Goo goo ga ga!
(A robot is making robo-chickens.)
(The robot hits Super Sylvia with an egg. Next, Super Sylvia grabs a robo-chicken and slams him on the ground. Super Sylvia dodges the robots eggs. Then she hits him with lazers. The robot explodes.)

“That was Attack of the Robo-Chickens (one.) I am going to write Attack of the Robo-Chickens (three.) I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to write it, but right now this is Attack of the Robo-Chickens (two.)”
–Luke Vincent

Super Luke: Attack of the Robo-Chickens (two) by Luke Vincent

Baby King Powers: Go Eggo!
At Baby League…
Eggo: Eggo!
(Eggo rolls at Baby Xtreme Boy.)
Eggo: EGG!
Baby Xtreme Boy: AAAAA! Goo!
(Baby Xtreme Boy flies up with fart power.)
Eggo: Cough!
(Eggo pops his feet out of his eggshell again.)
Eggo: EGG!
Baby Xtreme Boy: UH OH!
(Eggo stomps.)
Baby Xtreme Boy: Owie!
(Eggo jumps over a fireball.)
Eggo: EGG!
(Baby Xtreme Boy does more fart power.)
Eggo: EEGGO!
(Eggo cracks)
Giant Robo-Chicken: Chickire!
Baby Xtreme Boy: YAY!….Uh oh.
(Chickire breathes fire on Baby Xtreme Boy.)
Baby Xtreme Boy: AAA!
(Chickire’s egg rolls over Baby Xtreme Boy. Xtreme boy shoots out fire power.)
Chickire: BOCK!
Baby Xtreme Boy: Fart Power!

Electo Robots
Robot: Too many hills.
(Robot falls off hill.)
Robot: AAA!
Robot: He fell.
Xtreme Boy: AAA!
(Spike Robot chases Xtreme Boy.)
Robot: Hi.
Xtreme Boy: Ouch.
(Robot punches Xtreme Boy. Robot throws Xtreme Boy off cliff.)
Xtreme Boy: AAA!
Xtreme Boy: Where am I?
Xtreme Boy: Wow!
(Xtreme Boy flies through spikes.)
Xtreme Boy: Not again!
(Xtreme Boy sees a robot. Xtreme Boy throws fireballs. The robot explodes.)
Xtreme Boy: Yikes!
(A spike almost hits Xtreme Boy.)
Xtreme Boy: EEPS!
(Xtreme Boy goes through a lot of spikes.)
Xtreme Boy: Done with that!
(Xtreme Boy sees an Xtreme Boy cannon and glass bottles. Xtreme Boy fires the cannon.)
(Xtreme Boy explodes the glass bottles. A door opens.)
Xtreme Boy: Bye!
(Xtreme Boy sees a ladder.)
Xtreme Boy: Cool.
(Xtreme Boy climbs up the ladder. Xtreme Boy sees Electo.)
Xtreme Boy: Not you again!
(Electo punches Xtreme Boy.)
Xtreme Boy: OUCH!
(Electo tries to laser Xtreme Boy.)
Xtreme Boy: Missed me!
(Xtreme Boy shoots fire.)
Xtreme Boy: Got ya!
Xtreme Boy: AAA!
(Xtreme Boy runs from a giant fireball.)
Xtreme Boy: REFLECT!
(Xtreme Boy reflects the giant fireball with a reflector sheild. The giant fireball hits Electo.)
Xtreme Boy: Done!
The End

“Sorry Attack of the Robo Chickens Three is taking so long. For now….” –Luke

Learn How to Draw Xtreme Boy!!!

how to draw xtreme boy

“I am sorry I took so long, but it’s finally ready.  It’s a long one!”  -Luke

Attack of the Robo Chickens Three
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  AAAA
Giant Robo Chicken:  BOCK!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper falls off a building.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  GAA!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper lands on a giant pillow.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  Phew!
Eggo:  EGG!
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  Here it’s go.
Dr. Poopy Diaper must get to the giant Robo Chicken, and quick!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper runs through the path.)
Eggo:  Eggo!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper throws diaper at Eggo.)
(Dr. Poopy Diaper farts.)
(Eggo rolls at Dr. Poopy Diaper.)
Eggo:  Egg!
(Eggo falls off cliff.)
(Dr. Poopy Diaper runs down another path.)
Wing Egg:  Wing Egg!
(Wing Egg hits Dr. Poopy Diaper.)
Wing Egg:  Egg!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper hits Wing Egg with diaper.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  YAY!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper jumps up onto Wing Egg.  Dr. Poopy Diaper almost flies into a spike.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  Whoa!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper quickly goes up.)
(Dr. Poopy Diaper smacks Wing Egg into all of the other eggs.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  Hep!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper jumps onto the pipe on the giant Robo Chicken’s leg.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper: ?!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper goes into the pipe.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  I am going…WHOA!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper sees there is lava everywhere and he is standing on metal bridges.)
Clink Clink!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper walks across the metal bridge.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  AAAA!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper is climbing up the ladder and the lava is rising!)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  !
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  OH MY GOSH!!!
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  AAA!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper uses super fart power to propel himself across the bridges.  Dr. Poopy Diaper uses huge fart power to blast out of the pipe.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  AAA!
(Giant Robo Chicken pounds his beak into the ground right by Dr. Poopy Diaper.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  !
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  YAY!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper jumps on giant Robo Chicken’s head.)
Giant Robo Chicken:  …?
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  AAA!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper falls off the Robo Chicken’s head.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  AAA!
(The giant Robo Chicken breathes fire onto Dr. Poopy Diaper.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  AAA! OW!
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  !
Wing Egg:  Wing!
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  Yay!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper jumps onto Wing Egg’s head.)
Wing Egg:   EGG!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper dodges a fireball.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  BYE!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper goes through a circle of fireballs.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  AA!
Wing Egg:  GA!
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  Yay!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper jumps into the pipe on Giant Robo Chicken’s head.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  Here it’s a go!
(A lava worm jumps out of the lava!)
Lava Worm:  GRA!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper uses fart power on the lava worm.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  Oh wow!  Yipes!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper sees lava with metal rocks sticking out and a giant lava star fish.  Dr. Poopy Diaper flies to a rock.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  WEEEEE!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper jumps across two more rocks.)
Giant Lava Star Fish:  FOAR!!!
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  Duh Oh!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper grabs onto the star fishes tentacle.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  ?
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  AAAAAA!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper is swinging on a tentacle.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  AAA!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper swings off the tentacle.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  YAY!
(Dr. Poopy Diaper swings his diaper and explodes the thing that helps Robo Chicken think.  Dr. Poopy Diaper jumps out of Robo Chicken’s ear.)
Dr. Poopy Diaper:  AA!
(The giant Robo Chicken’s head explodes.)
(The giant Robo Chicken is on fire.)
The End

A new Super Luke book is going to come out called Space Wars 1.  I will also write about when Xtreme Boy was born.  For now, here is a book that I wrote called Super Luke: Worm.

Super Luke: Worm

Super Luke: Wow!
(Super Luke falls down a hole.)
Super Luke:  To the right!
(Super Luke comes to a little room.  He goes to the right tunnel.)
Super Luke:  Wow!
(Super Luke sees a giant worm.)
Super Luke:  This is creepy!
(The worm wraps around Super Luke.  The worm throws Super Luke.)
Super Luke:  Ouch!
(The giant worm slaps the ground.  Super Luke lasers the worm.)
Super Luke:  It has gone mad!!!
(Super Luke dodges the worm when it slaps the ground.  The worm dies and slime oozes out of the worm.)

Evil Xtreme Boy

(Xtreme Boy is flying in his ship, Giant Wing.)
Xtreme Boy: I’ll get you King Powers!
King Powers: No you wont!
(An army of King Powers ships heads right for Xtreme Boy.  Xtreme Boy shoots a ship.)
Xtreme Boy: Got Ya!
Xtreme Boy: Uh oh!
(A ship shoots off lots of bullets at the same time.)
Xtreme Boy:  Whoa!
(Xtreme Boy dodges bullets.)
Shoom!  Boom!
Xtreme Boy: Got ya!
(Xtreme Boy shoots two ships.  Xtreme Boy shoots many many ships.)
King Powers: Time to send out Evil Xtreme Boy.
(King Powers shoots off a huge rocket.  Evil Xtreme Boy comes out of rocket.)
Xtreme Boy: Uh oh!
(Evil Xtreme Boy and Xtreme Boy are both standing on Great Wing about to fight.)
Xteme Boy: Ow!
(Evil Xtreme Boy shoots fire at Xtreme Boy.)
Xtreme Boy: Whoa!
Evil Xtreme Boy: Hahaha!
(Great Wing tips over and Evil Xtreme Boy hangs on and Xtreme Boy almost falls off.)
Xtreme Boy: Ug!
(Evil Xteme Boy hits Xtreme Boy.  Great Wing tips again.)
Xtreme Boy: Yay!
Evil Xtreme Boy: AAAAAAAA!
(Evil Xtreme Boy falls off Great Wing.)

Super Luke: Space Wars I

Prologue: There is a war in Imagine Galaxy.  The Kid’s League vs. The King Power Army.
King Powers: The war has begun!
VRRRR!  Pew pew pew BAM BOOM BAM!
(King Powers shoots Kid’s League ships.  In Giant Wing…)
Xtreme Boy: Our ships are getting destroyed!  Should I fly Great Wing?
Super Luke: Yes.
Xtreme Boy: Open up Giant Wing!
Xtreme Boy: Here it goes.  Yay!
(Xtreme Boy flies Great Wing.)
Xtreme Boy: Uh oh!
(There are three King Powers ships heading straight for him.  Xtreme Boy shoots laser sticks, a type of weapon.)
Lightning Guy One: Attack!
Lightning Guy Two: A Kid’s League Winger!
Mysterious Figure: I’ll ride Flap Wing.  Open up!
(Mysterious Figure flies Flap Wing.)
Mysterious Figure: Beware!
Pew pew pew pew pew pew!
(Mysterious Figure shoots laser sticks.  Xtreme Boy dodges lasor sticks.)
King Powers: Goodbye!
Vrrrrrrrr! POW!  BOOM!
(King Powers shoots Xtreme Boys Winger.)
Xtreme Boy: ?
Wobble Weeble

(Xtreme Boy shakes his head.)
Xtreme Boy: Oh man, I’m captured!  All I have is this little candle.  Or maybe it’s a mini candle light!
(Xtreme Boy brings a super fan out of his magic pocket.  Xtreme Boy blows a mini candlelight off the candle.)
Mini Candlelight:  AAA!
(Xtreme Boy catches Mini Candlelight.)
Xtreme Boy: I knew it!
Mini Candlelight: The way out!
Xtreme Boy: !? Oh.
(Xtreme Boy presses button.)
(Xtreme Boy blasts out of Jail Cell.)
Xtreme Boy: AAA!!!  I’m falling slowlyyyyyyy!
(Xtreme Boy lands back on King Power’s ship.)
Xtreme Boy: ?
Mysterious Figure: Got ya!  My name is Swot!
Xtreme Boy: You blew up Great Wing!
Swot: Yes.  I did.
(Xtreme Boy uses fire karate chop.)
Fwish!  Zew
(Swot blocks.)
Xtreme Boy: AAAA!
(Xtreme Boy smacks into wall.)
Swot: You are no match for me!
Xtreme Boy: Oh Yeah?!
(Xtreme Boy uses his best move.)
(Swot attacks!)
Roooom! Tink Tink!
(Xtreme Boy gets knocked out and sees stars over his head.)
Xtreme Boy: Shiny, stars!
(Swot drags Xtreme Boy away and throws him in the jail cell again.)
Xtreme Boy: Not again!
Mini Candlelight: Remember!?
(Xtreme Boy presses button.)
Xtreme Boy: That’s Giant Wing!
Mini Candlelight:  Yay!
Xtreme Boy: Time to end this.  Fire the guns!
Pew pew pew  BOOM!
(King Power’s ships explode.)
?: Remember me?!
Xtreme Boy: Uh oh!
To Be Continued in Space War II…
(copywrite Super Luke 2008.)
The End

Xtreme Boy and Mini Fireball

Xtreme Boy and Mini Candlelight


Here is something to read while you are waiting for the next Space Wars.  It took me hours to write this.

Super Luke: Egypt

Chapter 1: A Baby in Egypt
Once upon a time there was a baby boy named Xtreme Boy.  He fought evil and saved good.  He had to stop another baby boy (Baby King Powers) from taking over the world.  That is where the story begins.  Baby Xtreme Boy was painting pictures on Egypt’s walls one day when then suddenly, Baby King Powers went to steal treasure.  So Baby Xtreme Boy chased after him.  There was a big long day ahead of Baby Xtreme Boy.  He sighed, he was bored.  Baby Xtreme Boy’s best friend was Baby Super Luke, another baby boy.  They played many tricks on people.  Next on their chart was Baby King Powers.

Chapter 2: The Trick
So on Friday they waited for Baby King Powers.  They waited for twenty minutes.  When Baby King Powers finally came they played the trick.  Xtreme Boy spilled juice on him and Super Luke threw a banana peel ahead of him.  It all worked out.  This was good news.  Their list of tricks was complete.  So the two boys skipped off into the sunset.

Chapter 3:  When They’re Older
When Xtreme Boy and Super Luke grew older, they got super powers.  Now at that planet almost everyone gets super powers later on.  But one thing special they did get was to be heroes and to have talents.  Xtreme Boy could build and paint, Super Luke could do the same.  They were still best friends.  They could also write very well.  One day, they returned to Egypt riding their airplane.  It was now destroyed.  They could still have fun and create things.  King Powers was still after them though.  They had to still be aware of him.  They also made a team called the Kids League.  The Kid’s League fight evil and save good.  They were very good heroes.  Infact, they are against King Power army.

Chapter 4:  The War Begins and Ends
Then suddenly, King Power’s army zoomed into Egypt, destroying everything in range.  “We have come to finish off Egypt!”  yelled King Powers.  That is where this war begins.  Super Luke and Xtreme Boy hopped into their plane.  “Calling Kid’s League!”  He shouted.  The Kid’s league zoomed into Egypt.  They shot and shot.  “This war must end!” Super Luke shouted.  He was right.  But how?!  “I’ve got it!” They said together.  They were thinking the same thing.  “A disguise!” They both said.  They disguised themselves as Lighting Army Troops.  Then boarded King Power’s ships.  They tied up and gagged King Powers.  Then they led the troops away from Egypt.  “This way.”  Said Super Luke trying his best to sound like King Powers.


I am starting something very different today.  I will be writing a big big story with tons of adventures and breaks in the middle with things.  The breaks might have pictures, smaller stories, and more.  The big long story will start today.  Those books before that you were reading were books for the break.  The big story that never ends will start right here…


Chapter One:  Once there was an old mansion, everybody said it was deserted but it wasn’t.  It was really full of people.  A tall man with a black hat came in the main room.  “Silence!”  He shouted to everybody else.  The man was very short and wore all red but his hat.  He had a long sparkly blue beard.  “We must go and attack the city of Blah Blah.”  All the other men (that all looked exactly like him) marched out the door.  Another one of the men came up to his leader and said, “We don’t have enough weapons to fight all of the Ding Dongs.”  The leader smiled, “We’ll have enough, you will see.”  He said.  Then he walked out the door.

Chapter Two:  Super Luke woke up.  It was all just a funny weird dream.  It was sort of a bad one too.  Super Luke walked out the door of his bedroom sleepily.  “Good morning” said Xtreme Boy, his best friend.  Super Luke looked at the clock, “It’s 1 a.m.!”  he said.  “I know, you told me to wake you up early today.” said, Xtreme Boy.  “But that’s not the real reason, follow me.”  So Super Luke followed Xtreme Boy through the forrest.  “What’s that noise?”  asked Super Luke.  There was a noise.  A very loud noise.  It sounded like a parade of marching people mixed with the trumpeting of elephants.  They peeked through some bushes and saw what made it.  King Power’s army was marching through the forrest blowing Booga Booga horns.

We are sorry to interrupt your reading, but we have something important to tell you.  It will take very long to make chapters and they will be very short because mom will only let me do it on school days, and I need to go to the bathroom.  So please wait for me…

Chapter Three:  Booga Booga horns are an instrument that sounds like an elephant and looks like an elephants’ tusk.  King Powers army was what they were trying to save the world from.  “What’s an elephant?” asked Super Luke.  “SHHHHH!”  said Luke, “You’re not supposed to be hearing all this.”  One thing that Super Luke and Xtreme Boy noticed was King Powers’ army was a parade, a Christmas parade infact, but his army still had weapons.  They decided to act like spies to get passed to the parade.  They climbed up a tree and used a camera to zoom up on King Powers.  Then they jumped to another tree.  They jumped like monkeys until they got to some soldiers alone in King Powers parade.  They knocked them out and took their clothes.  They then dressed themselves up as them.  When they got to King Powers, they saw he was shooting red and green lightning bolts into the sky.  In the end Super Luke and Xtreme Boy decided just to jump off into the forrest.  “Why are these guys knocked out here?”  they heard behind them.  “Someone found them.”  They whispered together.

Chapter Four:  The sun started coming up.  They had been on the parade for a few hours.  “I wonder why they had weapons.”  Xtreme Boy said.  “To shoot fireworks.” said Super Luke.  Then something started rising out of the ground.  Out of a weed infact.  “Oh no!”  they said together.  It was a Baba, a weed that tries to eat people.  Not a venus people eater, a Baba.  It doesn’t actually eat you, it mostly just bites you.  They had no weapons so they had to stay away from monsters in the forrest.  “It’s a good thing that Babas can’t move.”  said Super Luke.  “Certain types can.”  said Xtreme Boy.  But this was a certain type of Baba that could walk.  There was even an army of walking ones behind it.  All of the other ones were almost out of the ground once Super Luke and Xtreme Boy were running for their lives.  When they finally got to their house, vines came to life inside their house and wacked them like crazy.  Then they wrapped around them both.

after chapter five,we might  have to take a long break.might.why?beacause i am going on a trip!hope you have fun with out me!

Break Time
Here is a little poem of what has happened so far in our story:
About The Big Book so far
Once there was a fellow,
Who looked quite pale and yellow,
It was all just a dream,
But as it would seem,
The guy was real mean,
And acted like someone that leaned toward,
Turning the world into a lightning bolt,
So it was a vision,
A real division,
Of an army lead by King Powers,
So they went to the forest,
And saw the Christmas parade,
But the army still had grenades,
So when they went back home, all of a sudden,

The plants started beating them up.

We will come back to the story tomorrow!…Okay?  OKAY! OKAY! OKAY!

NOW we are done with the very long break.  Sorry it took so long and that it didn’t come the day that tomorrow was.  I have decided that we should get rid of the story so far and start a new one.  I have thought of this becuase I have a bunch of ideas for the beginning that weren’t at this beginning.  We will start our story here…

Chapter 1:  Xtreme Boy’s Created
A very long time ago…in a galaxy that will never grow near…two meteors collided into eachother.  Inside the meteor an object began forming.

Mama Meteorite

Five hundred years later…
One warm summer day a meteor crashed in the forest of Fatberries.  An object popped out of the meteor and opened up.  A white light flashed everywhere.  A figure began forming in the white light.  The meteor started moving all by itself after the figure was done forming and zoomed off toward the city.  It went faster and faster until it was on fire again.  Then it crashed through the walls of the city and through buildings, destroying everything in its path.  There were no people in the city but it was still a bit crazy.  Everything was on fire.  Once it got through the town, it stopped.  Everything around it was burning in flames.  Baby Xtreme Boy hopped off and walked through the trail for a few hours.  When he got to a town there was no one there.  He would probably have to get to a different country to get to people.  He started marching around in houses covered in vines.  He found  some gold for him to buy food with (waaaay back then they had gold instead of dollars and coins.)  He marched off into the next forest with his bag.  Then he came to the beach.  A wave splashed against him.  He ran away as fast as he could go.  He ran and ran until he came back to the meteor.  It rolled toward him and stopped right in front of him.  He jumped into it and it started rolling.  Once it got to the water it rolled right through it.  It splashed into the ocean and started going out toward the sea.  It sailed until it hit against something.  It was a deserted ship.  The meteor rolled onto the ship.  It was covered with vines and sea weed.  The ship was a mess.  The meteor started rolling and burning up the vines and sea weed.  It got everything shiny from it.  Then it went back to the water.  While baby Xtreme Boy was in it playing with everything shiny, he spotted a sparkly egg.  The egg hatched and a little creature came out of it.  Baby Xtreme Boy put it in the water where it could breathe.  He didn’t know that later in the story this would be another main character.

Baby Xtreme Boy

Chapter 2:  Sea Wee is Created
Sea Wee was inside his egg trying to punch himself out.  When he got out he was in a burning hot oven.  Someone lifted him up and threw him to the ocean.  He didn’t know who it was but we do.  Remember?!  It was Baby Xtreme Boy.  Sea Wee fell onto the Coral Mountain and started pushing himself around.  He came to a sea anemone that no fish had decided to live in yet, and jumped inside.  It was very comfy there and he was safe too.  It was very dangerous for him to be in the ocean alone because of preditors.  Then he fell asleep.  He had had a big day.

The next day, he came out and started trying to swim.  He shook his fin, bubbles went everywhere but he could not swim.  He shook really hard and a big bubble came out with him in it!  He started floating up and up thinking he was swimming.  The bubble popped and he fell hard into the sea anemone again.  “Ow, man!” he said.  Then, he heard a big crash and noticed a sunken ship had came down below Coral Mountain.  He jumped down to it.  He fell in a treasure chest full of gold, rubies, diamonds, emeralds and more.  He started playing around with them.  He dove into them and dove out.  He took a bath in them and pretended like one was a person.  He went to some seaweed covering the ship and chomped it.  He realized what he was good at.  He was good at chomping things.  But he had to learn how to swim or else he couldn’t get to places.  He went to the inside of the ship.  He jumped and floated to the ground.  He tried to jump twice in mid air and found out, that’s how he could pedal.  He went up to the ceiling and floated down.  He was really excited.  “Whahooo!”  he said.  He jumped, paddled, and kicked to the side.  He realized how he could swim and was very happy.  He swam back to his sea anemone and played with his bubbles.



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