Dear Hazel


Thanks Hazel, for being the easiest baby ever, or at the very least, certainly the easiest newborn I’ve ever had!  Thank you for being smart enough to know how to doze off to sleep all by yourself at night without me having to constantly rock you, burp you, walk back and forth across the room with you only to have you wake up right when I put you down, like how all of my other naughty babies would do.  Thank you for sleeping nine hours straight at night without needing to wake up for a snack.   Thank you for being so patient when I have to toss you aside to help your high matinence brother and sisters (you have to know that all I really want to do is hold you and cuddle all day.)  I love you, Mom.


Reading Kay’s Autobiography

Just to make things clear, Kay is my grandmother.  I wont bother making things more clear since this post is mostly just for my own record.






My friend Andrea is a fellow homeschooler who teaches our children along with another family’s children a Science class every Tuesday at one.  I love her teaching style because instead of solely instructing, she lets them do activities where they get to explore and get excited about science.  Yesterday they went for a nature walk, picking up anything they wanted to look at under a microscope.  After studying whatever objects they found they drew what they saw.  Some of the things they looked at Andrea had on hand (I don’t think we have any racoon fur around here.)




Ella Enchanted

Last night we finished our read aloud book Ella Enchanted.  I remember reading this story as a teenager and really liking.  This time I enjoyed it just as much.  Luke and Isabel probably thought I was a really nice mom always wanting to read to them, but I really just wanted to get back to the story.  It is a Cinderella story but with a lot more details, character development etc.  There is a lot of action and adventures in it but I still wondered if it would be too girly for Luke, but he loved it.  Today I reread the description of Ella’s dresses from each ball she went to and had Isabel draw a picture of how she imagined them.  (I love the cleavage.)


Since there wasn’t ever a detailed description of the ogres in the book, I had Luke write down a description for them and then draw a picture.  Luke wouldn’t let me put his description and picture up since it didn’t come out exactly the way he wanted it to.  Tomorrow we will watch the movie which I am sure is not as good as the book but maybe we can talk about the similarities and differences.

Sabrina School Doesn’t Have Cream Filled Goodness

Yesterday Luke asked me if one day he could go back to school.  I said, “Sure.”  I then asked him to tell me something that he remembers about school that he really liked.  His response, “Sometimes for dessert we used to get this yummy cream filled thing!”  Me, “That’s why you want to go back to school!?”  He explained that that was just ONE thing he remembers that he liked.

In the end of the conversation I told him that honestly he could go back in September if he wanted.  Seeing how serious I was he said, “No, I’m just kidding, I want to be homeschooled!”  I know he really does miss some things from school and he probably feels like he is missing out somehow.  I was serious.  I would send him back because I am pretty sure he would realize how long school is (he already thinks we do too much work…yeah right.)  Also he wouldn’t be able to have as much time writing his stories, writing in his video game journal, learning how to type, blogging, creating his video games and all of those things that he likes to do.  But even if he did like going to public school, that would be great!

Isabel’s response to going to school was, “No way, I like being homeschooled!”  It is so funny because when I started homeschooling a year and a half ago I thought that she would be the one that would feel like she was missing out.  She seems like the kind of kid that would love the school rituals, awards, social ranking and busy work that public schools have to offer.  That last sentence sounds like I am insulting public school or my daughter, but I am not, that’s not how I mean it.

The Super Luke

For a few years now Luke has been writing book after book.  Mostly Super Luke comics.  Here is a stack of them.  There is even another stack that I have put away somewhere.


So you get the idea, his books are usually filled with things like this…





I am always very impressed how he has an endless supply of stories in his head.  In fact, today instead of writing in his video game journal he was talking and talking and TALKING to me about how he would make a Super Luke and Xtreme Boy video game.  I said, “LESS TALKING, MORE WRITING.”  He said there were too many things to write down.  I suggested he only focus on writing about the characters of the video game to begin with, but he said that even that would be too much to write about.  I think part of the reason for his almost illegible writing and his cute messy illustrations is that his hand can’t keep up with his brain.  Maybe his head always being in such a dizzy with stories also explains why he can never remember to hang up his towel, put his clothes in the hamper, brush his teeth or even, yes, FLUSH THE TOILET!

We’ve created another outlet for his story ridden brain.  His own blog!  Check out, The Super Luke.  (By the way, please leave him a comment.  He would LOVE that.)