Gila Valley Temple

Friday we visited the Gila Valley Temple.

Before a temple is dedicated, everyone who wants to is invited to come and take a tour.

The tour was a perfect length and overview of what temples are all about.

It is a beautiful temple and was a beautiful day to spend together as a family!



I am going to put this calm picture of Sylvia up just to counterbalance what’s to follow.

Today while in a store, Luke, Isabel and Sylvia were playing in the toy department.  I let them know that I would be over in the shoe department for a few minutes.  While I was browsing down the shoe aisle with Hazel in the cart, I thought about how nice it was that I could leave the bigger kids for a bit.  When I got back to the toy department, Luke and Isabel were doing pretty much the same thing they were doing when I left them.  Sylvia however, was crouched inside of a clothes rack…NAKED.

Here is one of the many creations of this afternoon.  Today when I recognized it as “art” (and not just a mess as I usually call it) Sylvia seemed very happy that I “got it.”

Isabel and I had fun with her new birthday present from her aunt, making T shirts!  Or in this case, making a onesie!

I LOVE Isabel’s cute style of drawing and her great perspective.

Luke makes these LineMan mazes/video games on paper.  If you look closely, you can see the magic ax you need to get, the picks, spikes, and “warps.”  (I feel like I am the best mom in the world when I sit down and play his LineMan games.)

Here is Hazel doing her thing.

Sylvia Says

Just a few things Sylvia has said lately.

In our backyard I assume she saw some crickets and yelled at them, “Oh cricket boys!”

Outside at the top of her lungs, “Birds, come and land on me!”

Ironically, loud noises really bother Sylvia, so when our back door alarm went off she covers her ears and says, “That’s annoyed to me.”

Hell No! I Got “F’s” in School!

Today was a great day.  A great day to me is feeling successful at three main things.  Here are the three items I juggle (in no particular order.)

1.  Spending quality learning time with the kids (AKA homeschooling)

2.  Working on my art

3.  Cleaning/Cooking

Mind you, these are NOT the most important things to me, just the three tasks that I need to make sure I do every day.  Most important things would be things like, having fun with my kids, loving my husband, being a better person, blah blah blah.

I know I’ve mentioned our fun History curriculum before.  Today we learned about Alexander the Great.  Luke already knew the knot story!  I sure didn’t, and that is the great thing about homeschooling, I get to learn with them!…or like today, FROM them.


After someone finds out that I homeschool, their first question for me is, “So did you major in Education in college?”  I used to feel very self conscious, but now I am proud to answer, “Hell no!  I got “F’s” in school!”  I’m not putting down college, I would like my kids to go there (if it’s what they need to do to get where they want to be.)  But I know I have an advantage.  I am learning along with my children, not lecturing to them, and I hope that I am a good example to them that you never get to a point where you know everything and you never stop learning.

I’ve said this before, but, why would I need someone else to tell me that I am qualified to teach my children?  I know their weaknesses and strengths better than anyone.  I know what they need and I’ve been teaching them since they were born. WORD.


The Pharos Lighthouse

Pima Air and Space Museum

Another fun “every other Friday” where Joey doesn’t have to work and we all go on a field trip.  This time we visited the Pima Air and Space Museum.  It was a lot of fun.  So much information there!

Hazel driving.

This was the most clothed picture of a woman on the airplanes.

Because I giggle at the name Bungay Buckaroo, does that make me immature?  I also loved another airplane name, Petulant Porpoise…very creative.

They had wagons there for the kids which was great.  An old man came up to us and said, “Let them walk, it’s good for them!”  After that I wanted to go up to the shuttle filled with old people and say to the driver, “Let them walk, it’s good for them!”  HA.

In the space place, they had a moon globe (you know, a globe of the moon) I really want one now.  They are about $55 online and my birthday is coming up in November!

The Friend Song!

About six months ago Joey bought us the Rosetta Stone Homeschooling version for Mandarin.  Isabel is the one that is motivated and great at doing her lessons.  The rest of us, not so much.  Since then, we have met and made a friend here in Tucson who speaks Mandarin.  Lucky for us, she wants to teach Mandarin to children for a job but needs experience, so we end up with FREE lessons!  Anna comes over every Wednesday morning.  This morning was our second lesson from her.  At the end of each lesson we have a puzzle or something that we need to memorize.  This week we need to work on “The Friend Song.”

Don’t get this stuck in your head.