Saguaro (pronounced suh-wahr-oh)

Becca came over and harvested the fruit off of our saguaros.  Did you know it takes 75 years of growing before a saguaro grows a side arm?  They can live for over 150 years!  The Tohono O’odham tribe used to get fat on the fruit.

A bird has gotten fat on this saguaro fruit.

The fruit is delicious.  Very slightly sweet with tiny black crunchy seeds inside.


Unicorns Eat Pretzels

A couple of things Sylvia taught me yesterday…

Unicorns eat pretzels for breakfast.

You can make a dress with fabric, scissors and painter’s tape.

Sylvia made this dress for Hazel while I was having an afternoon snooze.

Farewell Doctor Jones

Farewell party for the Jones’s.

Two women I love and admire, Juliet and Julie.


Credence and Luke

Top to bottom left to right: Juliet, me, Abish, Erika, Julie, Jenny, Allison

Julie Jones was the first friend I made when I moved to Tucson.  Julie is funny, talented and beautiful and I have learned so much from her.  I am feeling very sorry for myself right now but so happy for them.  I love you Julie.