Mini-Time Machine: A Museum of Miniatures

We were not allowed to take pictures in this museum but sneaked just one. The Mini-Time Machine: A Museum of Miniatures is fabulous! I couldn’t believe how nice it was. Isabel is convinced that it is a magical place. Joey (a 34 year old man) even loved it! Check out their website.

Just to explain this picture.  They are on top of a see through floor above a Christmas village.



My parents came and visited for Thanksgiving.  During their stay they took Luke, Isabel and Sylvia out individually to do whatever they chose.  Sylvia decided breakfast at McDonald’s would be fun.

Then a trip to “the store with the colorful letters!”

Grandma trying to find a toy that would be hands on for my hands on Sylvia.  They eventually got her a tool set and she loves it.

Sylvia in her “sheep costume” that G&G got for her from Costco.

I am a little afraid that Isabel just loves the mall.

escalator rides.

Going to stores that I am sure grandpa LOVED going to.

Luke chose the biosphere.

Sadly, right after they bought the tickets and went into the first room, Luke slumped down sick and they had to take him home.  Luckily, just one good puking and he was fine.  He then chose to play Monopoly with G&G and they had a good time.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of them playing.

Here we are going for a little hike on Thanksgiving morning.  The weather was/is fabulous!  Having seasons is so overrated.

Sylvia and grandpa

I remember being up there when I was her age!

Yes, Hazel is still around.

Tucson Children’s Museum

This magnetic wall would be a simple thing to put up at home (on a smaller scale of course.)  I am seriously thinking about it.  You could then just put magnets on pvc pipe and let the kids build and drop marbles down.

Isabel loved the animal hospital section.

She has decided that she wants to be a veterinarian.

Hazel LOVED these ugly babies.

One hand at her mouth of course and the other patting and poking at the baby while looking around, worried and suspicious that someone was going to take her baby.

Hazel would scream whenever this cute little girl would get anywhere near “Hazel’s” baby.

Two Thousand Pounds of Mustard

This morning I went to a story time with Sylvia at the Dusenberry River Branch Library while Luke and Isabel sat at a table there and read.  I am happy to discover that the library is pretty close to us, small and clean (once again, small library = good), and their library online to reserve books is great as well.  Afterward we ran a few errands.  While we were eating our Costco hot dogs, I apologized for “putting a TON of mustard on them.”  Isabel said, “Mom, I don’t think you put two thousand pounds of mustard on our hot dogs.”  Our little Amelia Bedelia, oops, I mean Isabel, thinks it’s very funny to take everything literally…sheesh.

Stonehenge in our Backyard

Sunday, Joey and Luke went for a walk and came back with great sights to tell about.  Today we went out with Luke as our guide to find this supposed “Rock Maze” behind our house.  Sure enough…

Mini Stonehenge….ish?

Today I gave Luke our old camera for him to use to help him start a blog about entomology (or maybe just about nature).  I told him that I thought that a picture of this rusty can would make a really neat picture.  He turned up his nose at it since it is so man made, so I said, “Fine, I’ll put it up on my blog.”  So now here is a pointless picture of an old can.  Enjoy.

Don’t worry, I kept a hat on her most of the time and she only got a few scratches on her face from tree branches.  She loved it!  (Don’t miss Luke in the background.)

dropping rocks down into the sewer.

Tucson Zoo

Did you know that Tucson has a zoo?  I sure didn’t.  Yesterday Joey had work off (every other Friday off!) and we took a tour.  The Reid Park Zoo is a relatively small zoo (small zoo = good).  All of the cages and enclosures are clean and very nice for the animals and all of the pathways are thought out and shady.  It took us around two hours to see everything but we could have stayed longer.  I forgot the camera so here is a picture of the map.


Mona Lisa

Isabel drew this picture of the Mona Lisa.  I guess that I told her before that there are guards that stand watch and a glass case around the painting because it is so valuable.  I love the cute guard and the velvet rope.

mona lisa