Pioneers, Dazed Bird, and Monsoons

Lately the girls have been choosing to have their late night up with dad, all together.  Here they are making cookies.

Luke and Cannon making a covered wagon.

Isabel and Sylvia at the pioneer party.

Luke and Sylvia made castles out of the Styrofoam that came with our TV.

A bird flew into our window and was dazed for a good hour.  Long enough for us to harass him.

It’s been a great monsoon season.

The girls playing in the summer rain.

For cub scouts Luke was required to make a bridge.  After he put together these cups and paper, Joey asked him, “Have you ever heard the phrase, that’s the least you could have done?”


House Husband

Over the weekend I went with 21 other women to hike and camp in Havasupai.  The hike was a total of twenty or so miles and not being a hiker, outdoorsie, a runner or an anything, I am very proud that I made it out alive and what’s more, with a great experience.

The very best part of the trip was when I got home, the house was clean, Joey had fixed our waterfall/pond, he also enlisted the kids in helping him clean the schoolroom (that we have never actually used as a schoolroom yet because it’s been such a disaster.)

As you can see he also did a few loads of laundry, swam with them, and took them to the movies.

Friday morning Joey dressed the kids up as cows (with Isabel’s help) and got free meals at Chick-fil-a.  As you can see we are not afraid to sacrifice our children’s dignity for free food.

Sylvia looks thrilled.

This picture makes me laugh.  Both her feet are an inch from the ground.

Joey also took them to the zoo.  I think Joey needs to be the house husband, or I really need to go on vacation by myself more often.