Not Cropped

Cropped picture.

Not Cropped.


Activities We’ve Been Doing Lately

Isabel is sewing her favorite pillow that is so old and needed some repairs.  While Sylvia is designing her own stuffed animal.

I bought these little folding tables at a thrift store and painted the tops blue!  We love them.


Chinese lesson.

Character ink painting!

How does one get ink on their face?  Believe me, it only got worse.

Luke dissected a paper wasp’s nest.  He pulled out the larva and everything!

Skipbo on the back porch.

Isabel learned how to shuffle.

Photography by Sylvia.

Santa Barbara with the Shumways

We took a very last minute and spontaneous trip to Santa Barbara, CA for some camping at the beach with our friends the Shumways.  I LOVE Janet so much.  I admire what a good mom and wife she is in her family.  I also admire her homeschooling style and her ability to make everything fun.  She is so relaxed and easy going that when I am around her I feel like I am such a stressed out uptight person!  (I know that sounds strange, but I promise that’s a compliment to her.)

Luke and Isabel had fun collecting rocks and shells while Sylvia was determined to collect as much sand in her pants as possible.  The eight kids had so much fun together while the adults stayed up late chatting.  From the Shumways we learned a new parenting trick:  When your child is incessantly talking to you about video games, Harry Potter books, Transformers, or any other subject that you have no idea about, just say, “Thanks for telling me that.”  This phrase is now used by Joey and I constantly…(sometimes even to eachother.)

There was a trail on the edge here where Luke and I are standing and right after I took this picture, Luke pointed out some people on bicycles and let me know that riding a bike there was dangerous and that they would surely fall off the cliff.

Isabel with some mermaid hair.

because she was so excited to take her swim suit to the beach, she kept taking it out of her back pack and putting it on, so of course we accidentally left it.

Hazel was a little afraid of walking in the sand.

Rusty’s Pizza

“Watch the hand Joey!”

Some cute skinny boys!  It was fun calling the Lukes by their real names, Luke S. and Luke V.

Here come the Shumways, now we can start the party.

My little nature boy was so excited about all of the rocks, shells and crawly things.

Janet, Aaron, and Simon.

Thank you to Joey for being so spontaneous and for doing all of the packing bags in the car, putting up the tent and cooking the tin foil dinners!

Piano Recital

Luke has a couple of years of piano under his belt already but Isabel only has a couple of months.  She played a duet with her teacher!  Isabel was so beautiful and poised…as always.  She is such a lady.

Luke played the piano beautifully!  After the concert, his teacher told me that at his lesson the day before, he figured out that he could peek inside of the piano and watch the hammers move.  It became difficult for him to keep his eyes on his book.  He is Mr. Curious.

Wendy’s frosties afterward.

3/4 of the concert I was out in the hall with this kid.

It took a lot of reminders but Sylvia was able to stay inside with Joey.

Fathers and Sons…(and Sylvias) Camp Out

This post is long overdue.  Over Mother’s Day weekend, Joey took Luke and Sylvia to the Fathers and Sons Camp Out.  The reason why Sylvia got to be a son was  because the event was through our church and there aren’t very many fathers or sons in our church. We found out that Sylvia’s friend was going to tag along so may as well let Sylvia go also.

Father and Son!

Kids with guns, how adorable.

Third Wheel!

Google Documents

The other day I showed Luke and Isabel Google Documents.  They both got excited to have their very own files….NERDS!  Isabel made a Mad Libs story.  I don’t know how she knew how to do the parentheses,  smaller font, etc.  Luke spent his time using some kind of spreadsheet to make an alphabetically arranged list of video game characters.  Here is Isabel’s Mad Libs and I’ll spare you Luke’s list…