Happy Father’s Day!

Joey is volunteering for a few days at scout camp, so we will have to celebrate him tomorrow.  Today Luke, Isabel, and Sylvia drew a picture of their dad!

Luke’s (I LOVE the hairy legs)




Vegetarian Indian Food

We went out with the Claytons to eat some vegetarian Indian food.

I like vegetarian, I like Indian, I like food, I also like vegetarian Indian food, but let’s just say that it sure was an experience.

Jack is such a good baby.


Isabel’s Quilt Class

Isabel loved her quilting class so much that she wanted to arrive at least ten minutes early every morning.

Here she is displaying her handiwork!

She was the youngest in the class.

Proud mom.

Crazy babies.

More of the Claytons

Dinner out on the front patio.

Kid’s table!

I think Natalie was trying to take a picture of Hazel and we got in the way.

I love this picture.  Luke is such a good brother.


Sylvia loves Uncky Justin.

What a good dad.

Summer Classes

This summer Luke and Isabel have been taking classes at the high school (for kids of all ages.)  For the last two weeks they were in “School Yard Games” together, where they played freeze tag and all kind of games that you can easily miss out on if you are home schooled, haha.  This week Luke is taking “Adventures in Game Design” and Isabel is taking “Raggedy Quilt (sewing.)”  They LOVE these classes.  Each child gets a sewing machine to work on in Isabel’s sewing class, and in Luke’s class, each child gets a laptop to work on.  Fancy.

Sylvia is signed up for a preschool for two weeks, but that doesn’t start until later.  For now, here is what she’s been up to.  She claimed that she had NO idea how the happy face got there and then tried to convince me that maybe it’s been there ever since she was born and we just never noticed it before.