Fable, Meatballs and Sealants.

Wednesday we had learned what a Greek Myth was and read one from Luke’s workbook, then answered the questions afterward. Today we read Aesop’s The Man the Boy and the Donkey fable. Moral was, “Please all, and you will please none.” TRUE THAT!

I showed them a magazine article about Jodi Benson. Jodi is most famous for being the voice of Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid eighteen years ago. It was fun to learn that Jodi now has two children, 9 and 7, and homeschools them!

Luke was very interested in finding out that the apple he was eating came from Washington. I handed him a map and he found Washington on it. I explained that Washington is famous for their apples, Idaho for their potatoes, and California for their raisins, oranges and maybe avocados. Luke then asked me what state was famous for meatballs. “…Uhhhhh, the country, Italy???”

They also worked on writing, grammar, math, etc. today. Luke was making Line Man Mazes like crazy, so I put together a folder with sheet protectors in them for him to keep all of his Line Man pages in.

Safety Nerd Alert: At the dentist the other day Luke got sealants put on his teeth. The dentist then instructed Luke that he should not chew on hard candy or ice etc. When the dentist was saying this, all I thought was, OH NO. Sure enough, when we got home, “Mom, do you think this cracker is too hard for me to eat? I don’t think I should eat this popsicle.” And on and on. I finally told him to bite on ice and hard candy all he wants for all I care (which by the way he doesn’t anyway) our insurance will pay for new sealants.



This morning all three had early dentist appointments. Afterward was Isabel’s ukulele class, so by the time we got settled back home it was lunch. I taught Luke and Isabel how to play the game Sequence together which turned out to be a little bit of a disaster since all they ever do is try to upset each other. Isabel would say, “I saw your cards Luke!” When Isabel would put a chip down near his he would say, “I wasn’t going to go there anyway!” Needless to say, they never quite finished the game.

Luke finished his Math and worksheets but Isabel was pretty resistant so I told her to go take a nap and that she could finish school with dad tonight. So tonight Joey will help her finish what she needs to do and he will also do a science experiment with them! Hey he did say he wants to be more involved right?

An “off” but still “on” day

Here is another reason for our Tuesdays and Thursdays “off.” Today we were very much ON. No we didn’t do any sit down school, but unbeknown to the kids, we were doing “learning things” all day. Luke was drawing mazes, Isabel made and buttered her own toast, Luke sanded and painted his Space Rocket for scouts and we then made Rice Krispie Treats that we took to the Parkers house. A group of home schooled kids got together at the Parkers and played games. Afterward Luke had his piano lesson. We then went to Luke’s scout pack meeting tonight where his space rocket came in first on one race and then last on the other. All of the kids got popsicles afterward.



First Day of School – Part II

To follow up on Sabrina’s earlier post: We’re also hoping that this year I’ll be able to be more involved with teaching the kids.  With my recent job change, I have more time and this should be possible. About a month ago we started learning Mandarin Chinese. There’s a podcast from Serge Melnyk that we listen to some nights. I’ve made flashcards covering the vocabulary from the podcast and we review those some nights as well. We’re only on lesson 4 of the 120 podcasts that Serge has made but we’re making progress. The kids really like it and it’s fun to hear them try to pronounce the words.

First Day of School

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This year we are going to only have school Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Exceptions are that they will do one math worksheet every day (well, Mon. through Fri.) and practice their instruments every day.  I am very hopeful about this new schedule for a few reasons.  My thinking is that if the kids know that on those days they are expected to WORK, they will be more willing and up for it.  Also, if we have two of the workdays off, then that allows me to not feel guilty if we have to have an errand day or just a day where I don’t have to panic and think, “What else can I give them to do?!”  Well, I don’t know if those reasons make sense to anyone else, but I feel very excited about our new schedule.  I’ll spare you the details, but today they both worked very hard and got a lot done.  Most importantly, I think that it wasn’t torture at all for them and they got to do a lot of things they enjoy.  Sylvia now takes dance classes every Monday morning!  Alright, now it is time for Luke and I to put Attack of the Robo Chickens Three up!!!