Pony Party

Here are Sylvia’s clothes that she laid out the night before the pony party.  Notice the stuffed horse and the book with a cowboy on the front.

Here she is in the petting area.

This horse was named Rainbow.

From the look on Rainbow’s face you can just tell she loves being painting and pulled around by little girls all day long.

Here is Sylvia with the birthday girl, Linea!


Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Every two weeks in February it’s the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show!

Here is a little pin on butterfly Hazel got.

Luke was pretty bored looking at jewels but he liked this alien carved out of wood.

Sylvia used her money to buy a parasol.

Our Garden

This is not quite a before picture of our garden.  Originally there were so many filler rocks that we had no idea there was concrete underneath.  It took many wheelbarrow fulls of rocks to get it all uncovered.

We also found some old sprinklers.

Joey and Luke adjusted and fixed all of the sprinkler lines.

Luke grew seedlings.

Fletcher Brinkerhoff gave us a composting lesson.

Getting things set up.




Lasers and Mermaid Oatmeal

Ping Pong Playas

Nice form Sylvia!

Hazel sitting in her favorite place in the winter, under the desk on the “colide-a-lator” (heating vent).

Wearing a swim suit in January.

Making a laser obstacle course for the girls.

Girl Scouts!


Salt Lake City

Here are pictures from our trip to my sister’s house, the Claytons, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Gardener Village

Riding Trax

This sad face I see at least a few times a day.

Temple Square

Wheeler Farm

Playing with baby Lia.

Hazel nursing her baby just how Aunt Natalie does.

No snow but we got to rake leaves.


We got to party in the basement.

Cheesecake cups for New Year’s Eve.

Joey and Luke played an epic game of Jenga.


Visited the Beaudins and Marshalls!

Jean made a fancy beehive cake.

Emily, Paige, and Margery.

Natalie and me!