Lemonade for Sale…I mean, Cicada Shells for Sale!

Yesterday we visited the Nature Exchange at the Springs Preserve.  Luke had a dragon fly that our cat had caught.  I encouraged Luke to write a report about dragonflies, to get extra points, but he didn’t want to and I wasn’t about to force him…especially while we are on “summer break.”  He did get extra points for answering all of the questions she asked him about dragonflies, compound eyes, exoskeletons, etc.  Once again the Nature Exchange was a great experience.  She even suggested some insect classes for Luke that are coming up.  He will love it.  Luke traded in the dragonfly for a grasshopper “shell” (I guess they shed their skin/shells?)  and a cicada shell.  The cicada shells were only five points each so we asked her if they are very easy to find.  She said that they are all over the trees.  Sure enough, right when we walked out of the Nature Exchange, we found that not only do the cicadas make that lovely buzzing sound in the trees, but they also leave behind their shells all over the trees as well.

Luke now wants to collect hundreds of cicada shells, set up a bench in our front yard and have a sign, “Cicada shells, $1 each!”  Uh, some kids sell lemonade, not my boy.  I really didn’t know if I should encourage this idea or help lead him to a new idea with his cicada shells.  I couldn’t think of anything else to suggest, so I told him that he could sell them if he is the one to figure it all out and do all of it.  Here he is looking for cicada shells.


Isabel didn’t want to bring anything to the Nature Exchange so while we were there I looked at a book with her about desert flowers and tried to encourage her to press more flowers and then maybe she could arrange them on a piece of paper and we could laminate them.  I really think that is just the kind of pretty craft she would like.


Gilcrease Orchard

Today we went to Gilcrease Orchards.  You go in, pick some fruit and vegetables and buy them.  I remarked to Joey that only people living in Las Vegas would pay a three dollar entry fee to go pick their own produce in an orchard.




Pirate Story Time

Yesterday Isabel and and I tied our pirate bandannas on and read two pirate books to a kindergarten class.  How I Became a Pirate by David Shannon and Grandma and the Pirates by Phoebe Gilman.  Isabel got to show the class her treasure map and we had each child tell what they would like to find in a treasure chest (besides gold and jewels.)  Here were some of their answers…

-monster trucks
-Littlest Pet Shops
-ice cream
-a princess dress
and my personal favorite…

Summer Break…but not really.

Over the weekend my kids had so much fun playing with the Shumway boys for two nights in a row.

Last week Luke asked me if they could have a break since some of their friends are off for summer break.  So I sat down and tried to figure out what a break from school was to them.  I asked if I could still read to them at night; they said yes.  I asked if we could still do things like go to the Springs Preserve; they said yes.  The next day Isabel was doing a word search and Luke was creating a “Space Wars” board game.  I told them to stop doing school because they are on “summer break.”  They explained to me that they can do school while on break if they want to.  Over the weekend I bought a few things from a yard sale and brought it all home in a big box.  We then found another box.  All morning Luke, Isabel and Sylvia colored those boxes, punched out holes to make stars, cut out a trap door and taped.  Then Isabel made this set for their stage in Luke’s room.



My Girls

I love my bug catching low maintenance  boy but I completely understand my girls (even when they are being irrational and I don’t understand them.)  I get it why they play dolls, princesses, and want to be pretty with hair down to their toes. I love it that I can separate my laundry into lights, darks, and PINKS!

Modern Interpretive dancers






Tossing the bouquet



West Side Story

A few days ago we watched the movie West Side Story. Last night we saw a live performance at the Super Summer Theater. They did an amazing job, I loved the dancing, the dance/fighting and all of the snapping of course. Isabel and I went up to talk with the actors afterward and we got her picture with Maria.

Vincent Van Gogh and Gustav Klimt

Vincent Van Gogh
-1853 to 1890
-Starry Night
-Poor sickly
-mental illness

Gustav Klimt
-1862 to 1918
-Loved Women

Afterward I had them paint pictures with lots of colors like Klimt.  Ben and Luke S. painted a picture of their room like Van Gogh.  While painting, Ben’s napkin for wiping his paintbrush was spotted with color.  He said, “My napkin looks like a Pollock!”