Leprechaun Traps

This year we left the kids with crafts galore and a babysitter and this is what they came up with…


Isabel’s trap.  Notice the Do Not sign (leprechauns are always rebellious) and the shiny objects inside to attract them.  I guess they like Saltine Crackers too.

Hazel worked so hard painting her trap.

I love how she set it up in her car.


Wow, what leprechaun wouldn’t want to venture in there?

Luke’s has a cut out hole underneath the coins.  Instead of stealing the coins, the leprechaun would find himself trapped in the can.

The leprechaun outsmarted all their traps as usual, but left behind gold chocolate candies and his magic gold dust.


Dead Butterfly, Resurrected Tanks

The kids discovered these treasures burried underneath our orange tree.  (Most of the men Luke already had and added)

Sylvia and Hazel made a bed outside and planned to sleep outside that night until Hazel fell asleep during the Twilight Zone and Sylvia chickened out.

This poor butterfly died from too much love, pets, and force fed orange slices.

He got a name, Jack, and a proper burial, grave marker and all.

I am still waiting for the tangled matted back of the hair, hairstyle to become popular.  It’s so easy to do…not do.