How to Write a Haiku

Our lesson in history today was about the Yamato Dynasty in Japan.  Did you know that it is the longest running dynasty and is still in rule today?!  Here are some beautiful Haiku’s…

Summer by Luke

Sun is shinning bright
In summer plants and flowers bloom
The grass is so wet

Spring by Isabel

Trees are full of leaves
Butterflies are colorful
Birds are graceful

Swimming by Sylvia

Swimming, jumping, splashing
Daddy is a cannonball
Falling cool water

Teaching your children to create a Haiku is a great activity.   They love to count the syllables and create a beautiful scene with words.  The rules are simple…

Haiku Rules

1.  A Haiku is three lines
-first line is five syllables.
-second line is seven syllables.
-third line is five syllables.

2.  The subject of a Haiku is nature.

3.  The purpose of a Haiku is to paint a picture in your mind, NOT to tell a story.


International Wildlife Museum

My kids love the International Wildlife Museum.  We like to call it, “The Dead Animal Museum.”

The entomology room has drawers and drawers filled with insects.

The nice thing about this museum is that they have a lot of animals the kids can touch.


My only complaint is that the lady at the front desk (it’s always the same lady by the way) is always very annoyed if you don’t bring your membership card.  She’ll even ask you Where is it? and Why didn’t you bring it? The reason I don’t bring it is because she can look me up in the database, that way I don’t have to have one more membership card in my wallet, but I just smile and pretend I am mute.  (Oh, also, don’t eat anything from their cafe.  Pretty sure they dip everything in toilet water before serving it.)

Frog skeleton 😦

Christmas Eve Mass

We visited the Mission San Xavier del Bac to attend mass on Christmas Eve.  We arrived a half hour early and were lucky enough to score a pew in the back!  We then remembered that we’re not Catholic so decided to just walk the grounds and enjoy the beautiful art and architecture instead.  (Not sure what Sylvia is checking on.)

Is skipping disrespectful?

Next to the Mission is a hill with a path to walk around.