Sabino Canyon

Hazel has learned how to smile for the camera and I must say, it is the goofiest smile I have ever seen.



goofy goof

Not only is she goofy, but she is at that stage where she is into everything.  Oh yeah, she found what she was looking for…SIPPY CUPS!

Today we went for a hike in Sabino Canyon.

It was beautiful.

Some dam we hiked to.  (or should I say, some dam hike we went on.)

they made a “sand castle.”

We let our goofy puppy get out and play.



Tucson Wild Life Museum

Last week we visited The Wild Life Museum. When I heard that it was taxidermy, I thought, meh. But we loved it. I was impressed with the fact that we could touch a lot of things. dead things, fur, horns, and antlers. Also, it was very educational. The first room was a collection of pinned insects (you know Luke loved that)! I loved learning the history and different taxidermy techniques. They had fun guessing what egg went to which bird, what fur was from what animal, and of course the best, what poo went with what animal. They also got to walk underneath a giraffe. We bought an annual pass for the hot days of summer when we need somewhere to go that is inside.

The only pictures I got were on the outside. I didn’t know if I was allowed to take pictures inside and I was too lazy to find out.

I gave them pennies to throw into the fountain and wise Luke said that he made a very small wish “because if you wish for something too great it could backfire on you.”

A few entertaining Sylvia moments. We were in a store and she picked up a toy cow. She turned it over, looked at the udder and said, “oh! this is a BOY cow!” Another cow quote from Sylvia, “Mom, after I’m done drinking my chocolate milk, can we go find a cow and milk it?”

Sewing and Baking Field Trip to Salt Lake City!

Isabel and I went to visit my sister in Salt Lake City for the weekend. Isabel’s first time in an airplane.

I paid two bucks for those peanut M&M’s. Yeah, we were living the high life.

I love it how on an airplane, most of the passengers are so bored and tired of flying, but you’ll always find a couple of dorks like us, taking pictures and oooing and aweing at the sunset.

Natalie spent a lot of time teaching Isabel how to sew, by hand and with the machine. Here are a few of the projects Isabel accomplished!

An “Isabel” banner.

Bean bags, one for Luke, Isabel, Sylvia and Hazel.

Isabel loved it, and I loved meeting, holding, feeding, cuddling with my new cute baby nephew, Jack.

And here he is with his mommy.

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures.

Isabel didn’t mind that the snow was gross and crunchy.

They made a strawberry cake from scratch together. Notice the matching aprons. Natalie always thinks of everything, and more.

Jack, Natalie and Justin

In their PJs.


Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Sabrina and Isabel are in Salt Lake City this weekend. To avoid spending all day cooped up in the house with the other three, with me presumably watching football all day, I decided to take them to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which is about 45 boring minutes from where we live.  The “museum,” as they call it, is much more like a zoo than a museum so fail to whoever named it. Kids five and under are free, so that took care of two of them. Luke got in free too since I had a buy one, get one coupon. My ticket was $13, which seemed excessive, but I’m over it. I thought overall it was a decent place though.

Luke enduring another picture. Sylvia with mittens. Cute little Hazel.

In the aviary

Luke took the rest of the pictures. He seemed to enjoy it.

Desert Bighorn

Barn Owl

Daddy and Girl

Daddy and Girl


You Helped Make Us

For Joey’s Christmas present, the kids got a jar and put in “365 reasons why we love you” (it’s only about 45 right now, but they’re planning on constantly refilling the jar.)  While they were making this gift for Joey, I was busy helping Sylvia write down reasons why she loves her dad so I didn’t get to see everything that Luke and Isabel were writing down.  By the way, most of Sylvia’s reasons were, “because I love him!”  Tonight Joey picked out a reason that Luke thought of…