Movie Day

Today is Tuesday, so no school.  We went to the free 10 am kids movie at the theater with a couple of our friends.  The movie was Arctic Tale.  Afterward, since I was out of the theater at the end (thanks Sylvia) Isabel let me know that all of the animals started their own families.  I commented that that was a happy ending!  She then said, “No it wasn’t!”  My response, “Huh?”  Then Isabel, “The baby brother died!” and she burst into tears and I had to hug and console Isabel for a few minutes while Sylvia got herself lost again.  One of the baby polar bears had died earlier in the show.  I didn’t really expect this reaction from her since Luke is usually the super sensitive one.

Quote of the day:

“If Sylvia was in a video game it would be rated “M” for mature.”  –Luke

One thought on “Movie Day

  1. Today was free movie day here too. They do it on Tuesdays all summer. My wife “sneaks” in snacks in the 6 month old’s diaper bag. Evan Almighty is what they saw today. We are going to have to do some serious bible study to correct some of the stuff they learned.

    Uhhhh…is your hair different?

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