Same Old…in a good way

We had a great weekend as a family.  Swimming, barbeque, friends, games, you name it!  This week has been very busy but very much same old (same old in a great way.)  Joey is at the pool right now with the kids to give me some time to myself.  What a great man.



Hooray for Luke!

Luke finished his goal of reading 10,000 pages! He has certainly reminded me a few times that he did NOT read 10,000 pages but 10,030. He chose to have a family party. After work, Joey picked up some of Luke’s favorites, sushi, apple pie and grape soda. Joey also bought and set up a little tent in the backyard for them to sleep in. In Luke’s world, it’s not a party unless you are playing five player Super Smash Brothers Brawl together. So we endured enjoyed that. Joey also bought the game Monopoly (yeah I know, we didn’t own it until last night, sacrilege) after the girls were asleep in the tent we played with Luke. Luke and I couldn’t even keep our heads above water in that game while Joey was building hotels. It was so funny to see how into it he got. The whole night Luke was being extremely silly and talking loudly. For Luke a sure sign he is having a blast.


Jam Session

Last night Isabel had a little jam session with her ukulele teacher and his band. They played the Hukilou song and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.


Isabel, Ben and Paul


Marionette Matinee


You know it’s a rockin’ party when someone ends up riding a pink unicorn.


Art History (Cassatt and Escher)

For Art History today we learned about Mary Cassatt and M.C. Escher. Although they did some amazing multiple view sketches, I love their “Mary Cassatt” pictures the best. Since Cassatt did beautiful paintings of mothers with children, I told my six cute students to create a colorful picture of their mother with them when they were a baby.

Luke and Mommy

luke and mommy

Isabel and Mommy

Isabel and mommy

What we learned today (May 20th)…

Mary Cassatt
-1844 to 1926
– Pennsylvania
-wealthy family
-Impressionism (short brush strokes, bright colors)
-painted in Paris, France
-painted women with children
-never had children of her own

M.C. Escher
-1898 to 1972
-bad grades in school
-graphic artist
-“mathematical art”

Next week we will learn about…

Edgar Degas and Norman Rockwell

Great Chore Charts

I found some great chore charts here. I like how you can pick Dora, Sponge Bob, etc. and customize the days of the week and chores as well. My kids get donuts at the end of the week if they miss two or fewer!  (the ghetto homemade chart on the top left is for something else.)



Luke and Isabel had an assignment from their “History of the World” class, to call one of their grandparents and interview them. What a great idea. I love how such a simple thing teaches them how we get history. (And of course teaches them about their grandparents.)

When Luke was about to call his grandpa, he said, “I sure wish I had a Hedephone for this.”

Last night we went to a luau at our church.  As soon as I told Isabel about it the night before, she was so excited and got out what she was going to wear.  She also told me that at the luau, she wanted to play the Hukilou song on her ukulele.  I feel so bad that I didn’t think of this and plan a head.  But I am sure glad that Isabel thought of it and that our friend Shellie, who helped run the whole luau, was flexible enough to let Isabel play.  She did such a great job and everyone clapped like crazy when she finished!  Hooray Isabel!



I know that I’ve already put up some artwork from my kid-o’s, but I just found this awesome drawing by Sylvia. The only thing she she said about it was, “That’s a mean girl.” That “mean girl” kind of scares me and makes me think of Guernica. (Yes, I am comparing my child’s artwork to Picasso, so what? Joey has compared himself making cookies to Michelangelo carving “David” before…we are all delusional here.)