The Two Best Things to do in Tucson…?

The best thing to do in Tucson is stopping by a hot dog stand and getting a Sonoran hot dog with a Mexican soda.  What’s in a Sonoran hot dog you might ask?  What’s NOT in a Sonoran hot dog!  Yum.

What’s so great about Mexican soda?  It’s Mexilicious!

Another great thing to do in Tucson is to check out the 4th Avenue Street Fair!  It only happens twice a year.


Secret Gift Givers…Shhhhhhh!

Last night we made our traditional secret gift drops.  I can’t disclose what our groups name is, but let’s just say some of us have killer ninja moves.

There are so many kids between us, I don’t think I got one shot of all of them together.

Pooping Reindeer

Some one from church made a pooping reindeer for Sylvia’s class, but they used smaller Whoppers boxes.  We used large boxes since these are for naughty families we know, and we used Milk Duds as well as Whoppers.

Sylvia did most of the antlers and faces 🙂

The most important part is on the back.  A little poo flap under the tail!

Singing Daisies!

Sylvia’s Girl Scout Daisy leader organized caroling at a nursing home.  It was a lot of fun.

My daisy was picking dandelions.

Isabel drew a Christmas picture for Roxy.

Meeting and visiting with Roxy.



Hazel Turned 3


Months before her birthday, Hazel asked for a red car that she could drive.  While walking through parking lots she would point to a red car and tell us that that was what she was getting for her birthday.  Lucky for us, she was very happy with a plastic red car her size.

Here she is with her sweet little “baby Joey face” on.

Late Night Up with Dad

I am amazed at Joey’s consistency and energy for having late night ups with the kids.

Monday – Luke
Tuesday – Hazel
Wednesday – Isabel
Thursday – Sylvia

They look forward to their night of a half hour (usually longer) of dad’s time!  Here is Sylvia with the cream cheese and olive penguins Joey made with her.  Here is the penguin recipe!