My Little Singing Lorakeet


Pumpkin Carving

I love the way Joey is looking at me.

What the…?

Is this skinny arm really going to one day be a big strong hairy man arm!??

Photo by Hazel

I don’t think Hazel’s tiny pumpkin ever got carved.



Because of Sylvia we’ve had to say, “TMI!!!” (Too Much Information) many times.  Our hope was that she would learn that, for example, describing your “poo family” in detail is TMI or that letting people know what kind of private parts they have is TMI.

It was a good idea in theory, but of course has backfired.  Now whenever we say anything, “I’m going to the store.”  She quickly retorts, “TMI!!”  We’ve created a monster.  Speaking of monsters, here are some fun Halloween jokes!

Tuesday: Our Errand Day!

Tuesday is our errand day.  We certainly run errands on other days of the week, but Tuesday is when we go crazy.  Luke and Isabel have piano for an hour and a half in the morning so that means that I get a couple of errands done with only two kids (wish they were the easy two.)  Since our errands are so much fun and exciting I think I will list them…

1.  drop off Luke and Isabel at piano
2.  go to scout office to buy Webelos paraphernalia
3.  let Sylvia waste her Target gift card on some toy hamsters
4.  pick up Luke and Isabel
5.  eat at Wienerschnitzel for the first time (it was wieneriffic!)
6.  buy huge sheet of watercolor paper at art store
7.   go to Office Max to use their cutty thingy to make huge sheet less huge
8.   watch people at the post office give me and my ketchup faced kids dirty looks.
9.  pick up papers to fill out

All in all it was a good errand day.  Here we are at Wiener Schneezer’s (as Sylvia calls it.)

Sylvia loved that she could touch the roof.

And I loved this guy’s pony tail.  No seriously, I want my hair to be long enough to do that.

Bloody Barbie Mummy

At the end of this Halloween Pie book it has a recipe for pumpkin pie.

Today we read the book and made…


For the first year ever we have bought a few Halloween decorations.  Tonight Sylvia asked if we could get five more.  Being in a good mood I said, “Sure! What kind do you want!?”  Here is her list…

-a half skeleton half bird with bird wings.
-a skeleton with “plug cords” coming out of it’s eyes.
-birds with blood coming out of their eyes.
-a fake cheeseburger with a mad face.
-a mummy.

I explained to her as best I could that these Halloween decorations were pretty specific and I don’t know if they will have any of these at the store.  I suggested that she could at least make the mummy with a Barbie and some toilet paper.  Here is her bloody Barbie mummy.  (The gruesome earing through the forehead was already there by the way.)

Yesterday at the cemetery when someone started up a chainsaw to trim some tree limbs, Sylvia asked me what that noise was.  I told her it was a tool to cut branches off of the tree.  She then calmly replied, “Oh, I thought it was someone here that’s buried screaming to get out.”