Talking to Strangers = Cookies and a Bounce House

In Sabrina School we teach that talking to strangers is a good thing and that if a stranger offers you cookies, you eat them!

The other day while on a walk we met an old lady in a wheelchair who promised us cookies if we visited her. Yesterday we walked over to her house, chatted for a while then got our cookies. Also while on our walk, we met a mom with a 2 year old. After talking for a while she invited us over to jump in their jump house.

I didn’t want her to think I was a crazy lady taking pictures in her backyard, but no picture no proof, so while she wasn’t looking I snapped this one…

We then ate our favorite meal for lunch, bagel faces!


Luke’s Cyclopes

Hazel’s “bagel face”


Knickerbocker & Charlemagne

I have to mention how much we love our cats. They are playful, but most importantly…

…they love to be dragged around (and occasionally choked) by Hazel.

The mostly white cat is the boy, Nick, a.k.a. Knickerbocker. The dark grey cat is the girl, Charlotte, a.k.a. Charlemagne.

a couple of Egyptian princesses

Some “Viking Bread” we made to go along with our History lesson about Eric the Red and his son, Leif Ericson.

A lot of Tuesday nights end up with just the girls at home since Luke has cub scouts, so we have a girl party. Last night we painted toe nails. Isabel helped me out with my toes!

Cancer Sculptures and Dirty Jobs

Today we visited the park

Our favorite was the sculpture about cancer.

Sylvia is always asking for a dirty job to do. I had her fill in a few nail holes with Spackle, but that wasn’t dirty enough for her so I had her fill a bucket full of mud. Did she know it was pointless? Of course not. Did I make more work for myself by giving her this job? Of course. Did she enjoy every minute of it. Why yes, yes she did indeed.

Isabel Finished Gamma!

Congratulations to Isabel for finishing her Gamma Math book!

Isabel wanted to have a math party with her friends to celebrate. I didn’t take any pictures of the party (because who has time when you’re busy partying) but here is Isabel (and company) making party preparations.

Isabel made some paper fish with mathematical equations on them for the fishing game and the girls made some Don’t Eat Pete boards for our Don’t Eat Pete game.

Hooray for Isabel! (I love how her Don’t Eat Pete game board has a tooth theme.