Sledding at Mount Lemmon

Also over the weekend we went sledding up at Mount Lemmon.  Such a beautiful drive winding through a landscape of saguaro cactus that eventually turn into pine trees.  We spent about fifteen minutes sledding until our cheap sled broke.  We then went to the “Cookie Cabin” and ate cookies.  Here are some crappy cell phone pictures.




Joey and Isabel

me with Joey


Spring Training and Kite Flying

Over the weekend we watched part of a spring training baseball game.  From what I got from Joey, spring training happens in Florida and Arizona and this is the last year that they will do it in Tucson.




The Diamond backs and someone else from Boston???

I’ve never flown a kite before.  Joey helped us but we never quite got it to stay up for more than 30 seconds.




Hazel in boots!

Census, Produce Stickers and a Tear of Joy

This morning for school we filled out our 2010 Census.  I remarked that since the last Census, their dad and I have added four more people to the population count.  Isabel came up with the great idea that we could add four more people by the time the 2020 Census comes around…uh….no.

I bet your produce sticker collection isn’t as cool as ours.

Yesterday Sylvia enthusiastically told us this story, “I was in the backyard and I had a tear on my face!  Do you know why?!  Because…” and then she burst into song.  Here is the song she has been singing ever since.

The only other information we got about this odd story/song was that it was a tear of joy.  I guess that song (Don’t Let me Go by The Fray) really moved her.

Leprechaun Traps

On Monday we learned about leprechauns and Luke, Isabel and Sylvia each made their very own leprechaun trap.

They each put a lot of thought and creativity into them.  Here is how each one works!

Sylvia’s trap has a rainbow and glitter that entice the leprechaun.  When he gets too close he gets stuck on that double sided tape!

Isabel’s trap has the enticing rainbow as well and gold beads at the end.  When the leprechaun tries to get the gold the cup falls on him trapping him!

Luke’s has glittery gold as well.  When the leprechaun tries to take some, he will find himself trapped in the box!

In the morning they found golden dust all around and a note left for them.  The leprechaun got trapped in each trap but managed to escape and since he was so impressed with the fine craftsmanship of their traps he left them some gold covered chocolate coins and shamrock pins.