Sylvia’s Birthday

This morning after breakfast I had Isabel help me make cupcakes for Sylvia.  I then got out paper and all different kinds of dry beans and let the kids glue beans on paper making different shapes and forms.  Sylvia even participated!  Luke and Isabel helped me clean and then we worked on Math.

Isabel fell asleep (she had been awake since 5:30am) and I let Luke watch a movie.  Tonight we will read and do a Spelling practice test and then Grandma and Grandpa Vincent will be here for Dinner and Cupcakes.


The Dentist and Regrouping

This morning, Luke and Isabel had dentist appointments. I loaded their clip boards with Math sheets and spelling words and headed out. In the car we listened to our Learning Spanish in the car CD. While Luke was getting his teeth cleaned I worked one on one with Isabel. She did her Math and two stories in her Princess reading comprehension book. When it was Luke’s turn, he read his Big Book of Knowledge.

After the dentist, we had lunch with a couple of friends. When everything settled down a little, I wrapped a couple of presents for some upcoming parties. While I was doing that Luke was making a game. I wasn’t paying much attention, but when he was finished he wanted to play it with someone so I volunteered. He had made a board game by drawing squares on paper with a “Go ahead two spaces” (or something of that sort) in a few of the squares. The game pieces were a rock (Power Man) and a stick (Line Man.) There were about six pieces of sticky note paper stuck to the game board with questions on them. The questions were all about Power man and Line man. Example: Who is Power Man’s enemy? What does Power Man use as obsticles? Does Line Man have an army? If you got a question correct, you could move two squares, incorrect, only one, AND we were timed with a little two minute hourglass timer while answering.  VERY creative game. Maybe you will see it in stores soon.

Isabel and Sylvia played with toys while I worked with Luke on Math. Today he learned a new concept, “Regrouping” or as my generation knew it, carrying. It was great to see him go from, “I don’t get it” to enlightenment. After he completed his worksheet, I informed him that now that he knows how to regroup, he can add anything. I wrote down a couple of six or seven digit numbers and let him add them together. He seemed very excited that he could do it.

A little too social.

This morning we went to the playgroup at Exploration park. A lot of moms from my church were there with their smaller children, I had invited my neighbor Hisu and so she was there with her little girl and also my new friend Maila was there. I was so glad Maila came because she homeschools as well and has a boy, Cadell, who is the same age as Luke. Luke and Cadell played a lot at the park and got along very well. Maila, Hisu, and their children of course, came over to my house afterward to lunch.

After all that, Luke had his piano lesson. I was able to squeeze in a Math test for Luke and Isabel before we were off to the “Picnic in the Park” church activity for more social time. Tonight I read to them out of our book.

The Big Squeeze!

At breakfast Luke said he wanted to exercise today.  Got our exercise clothes on, our jump ropes and weights (water bottles for the kids) and at 8:30 this morning we were out in the backyard doing circuit training.  One station was throwing a ball up and catching it, one station was for sit ups, one, lunges, etc.  They loved running to the next station when I yelled, “TIME!”  Sylvia was clinging and crying, so I had to carry her around while I did my exercises (she makes a good weight.)  Luke enjoyed leading us in some exercises, which gave me the idea that next P.E. time we should do follow the leader.

I then let them snack on orange slices and pears while I showered.  We then watched “The Big Squeeze!”  An Animal Planet special about pythons.  I am now paranoid a python is going to eat Sylvia.  We shall see if Luke and Isabel have nightmares tonight.

At the kitchen table they did their Math worksheets and spelling lists.  Luke wrote in his journal while I played word games (rhyming and opposites) with Isabel.  I had an art/craft project in mind but I guess we will try that out tomorrow.  Maybe we will plant our little plant we bought from the dollar store into a pot tonight.  Time to clean up and make dinner.

Monsters, Aliens, and Dough Bears

Before I was even showered Luke and Isabel were already doing school stuff on their own.  Luke was writing a story and Isabel was drawing a picture for each holiday and then folding her drawings to make cards.  The weather was nice so we headed out to a grassy area in our neighborhood just a few blocks away.  We sat on a blanket and had snacks while I read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing to them.  Luke and Isabel then made up and preformed plays for me.  I loved it how Luke was always the main character with a sword and Isabel was always one of the monsters or aliens he fought.  She was just happy to be included.

When we got home I made some salty dough and we shaped Teddy Bears (Luke made a monkey) and baked them.  When they cooled we painted them with nail polish.  Isabel’s friend Elise came over for a while and then later in the afternoon Luke’s friend Aden and his sister, Isabel’s friend, Morgan, came over and played.

Two crafts in one day….phew!

We got the hard work out of the way first this morning. They both had a Math test to do, then spelling words and drawing/writing about the setting of our stories.

I read to them an informative picture book about fireflies. We then made our own fireflies by poking a hole in the top and bottom of an egg and blowing out the center.  We drew a face on the top half and painted the bottom half with glow-in-the-dark paint.  We then cut and glued some wings on.

After that they were begging for another craft, so I read them The Littlest Mermaid. We then drew an under sea picture with crayons and painted over our picture with watery blue paint. The crayon drawings showed through the paint of course and Luke and Isabel thought that was great. I think part of the reason why I don’t like crafts is that Sylvia is into EVERYTHING we are, which is cute and good learning for her, just more work and messes for me. I did let her do painting and she was happy.

I picked up three craft books from the library yesterday and the one that I am finding the most ideas out of is 60 Super Simple Crafts by Holly Herbert. They are truly simple and most supplies I already have around the house or are very cheap and easy to get.


This morning we went to a MOPS meeting at Hope Baptist Church.  A friend of mine had told me about MOPS and invited me along.   I am still not really sure what MOPS even stands for,  Mothers of Pre-Schoolers???  It was two and a half hours long and I loved it.  The children have their own classes, games, crafts, etc. while the moms have a speaker, food, social time etc.  I already knew three women there and it was fun meeting new friends.

Afterward we did a quick trip to the post office and then the library to pick up my new order of books.  Isabel played at her friend Elise’s house and Luke read his new comic books while Sylvia and I had a quick snooze.  Luke then had piano practice and after dinner we watched “High School Musical.”