Isabel and Sylvia shared a Late Night Up tonight. We made cookies. Then they watched Caillou together.


The Alphabet Book

For Hazel’s Late Night Up, we read “The Alphabet Book,” by P.D. Eastman. Hazel sure loves the “I” page – “Infant with Ice Cream.”

Black Lights – Searching for Scorpions

For Luke’s Late Night Up, we searched for scorpions in the desert around our house. We used black lights. Scorpions fluoresce or glow under ultra-violate light.

Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any scorpions. The most interesting thing we found was a lizard sleeping on our front porch.

We also found some rocks that glowed under the black light.


We played spoons for family game night. The little girls are not pictured because they were sent to bed early.


Luke exploring in the front yard


Hazel at church


Summer School!

Luke, Isabel and even Sylvia have had a lot of fun going to summer school.  Isabel has taken the classes, School Yard Games, Raggedy Quilt Sewing, Comic Book Character Creations, and here she is with something she made from her Edible Art class.

Luke took, School Yard Games, Design Your Own Video Game, Comic Book Character Creations and here he is with his homemade Silly Putty from his Not Your Normal Science Class.

Sylvia has LOVED loved loved her Preschool class.

Helping Miss Cynthia with the pinata.

Every time we walk by this classroom, Hazel longs for those baby dolls đŸ˜¦