Vegetarian Indian Food

We went out with the Claytons to eat some vegetarian Indian food.

I like vegetarian, I like Indian, I like food, I also like vegetarian Indian food, but let’s just say that it sure was an experience.

Jack is such a good baby.



One thought on “Vegetarian Indian Food

  1. I love Vegetarian Indian food too! A little secret I’ll share momma to momma, you might want to invest in some Tastybite. I’ve been buying their Indian food for years – it’s preservative-free, all natural, low sodium, low fat, and nutritious. It also caters to all different kinds of diets. My kids love the Madras Lentils and Jaipur Vegetables and it saves me so much time because it’s ready in 90 seconds. If you’re craving for some veggie Indian food, I definitely recommend this company. I buy mine at Whole Foods and Trader Joes but you can also buy their stuff at your local supermarket, on their website, or on Amazon. Just a little tip! Keep chowing!

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