Hell No! I Got “F’s” in School!

Today was a great day.  A great day to me is feeling successful at three main things.  Here are the three items I juggle (in no particular order.)

1.  Spending quality learning time with the kids (AKA homeschooling)

2.  Working on my art

3.  Cleaning/Cooking

Mind you, these are NOT the most important things to me, just the three tasks that I need to make sure I do every day.  Most important things would be things like, having fun with my kids, loving my husband, being a better person, blah blah blah.

I know I’ve mentioned our fun History curriculum before.  Today we learned about Alexander the Great.  Luke already knew the knot story!  I sure didn’t, and that is the great thing about homeschooling, I get to learn with them!…or like today, FROM them.


After someone finds out that I homeschool, their first question for me is, “So did you major in Education in college?”  I used to feel very self conscious, but now I am proud to answer, “Hell no!  I got “F’s” in school!”  I’m not putting down college, I would like my kids to go there (if it’s what they need to do to get where they want to be.)  But I know I have an advantage.  I am learning along with my children, not lecturing to them, and I hope that I am a good example to them that you never get to a point where you know everything and you never stop learning.

I’ve said this before, but, why would I need someone else to tell me that I am qualified to teach my children?  I know their weaknesses and strengths better than anyone.  I know what they need and I’ve been teaching them since they were born. WORD.


The Pharos Lighthouse


13 thoughts on “Hell No! I Got “F’s” in School!

  1. Oh how I love thee.. let me count the ways. Seriously, you and your family are the most radicalist people I’ve ever met and I hate that you live so far away. But I love that you’re coming to visit soon. You are coming to visit soon, aren’t you? I need my Vincent fix. WORD.

  2. Dude!!!! You are soooo much smarter than me and I have my BS…..look where that got me??? Yep, you are awesome, even though you already have to know that! You are my hero…ine..Sabrina!

  3. Every once in a while I consider homeschooling my kids… for one reason or another. You’re right, who knows my kids better than I do?? And who has their best interests in mind more than I do, and who cares more about their well-being and future more than I do? I wish you lived closer, I think we have a lot in common and I would seriously love to pick your brain!!! 🙂

    • You are TOO TOO kind. I love it how on blogs, you don’t have to put up pictures of your messy house, kids or write about all of your faults if you don’t want to. Hahaha. Maybe I should.

  4. You know, I know a lot of people who majored in education. There are some smart ones, true, but a whole lot of them are dumber than rocks. A BA in education does not an educator make.

    • Degrees are great if you need them to get certain jobs or certain pay, but getting a degree just so that you can say you have one, not a good enough reason to pay however much for however many years in college. I clearly remember when I was in college (I got so-so grades in college btw) wondering how my neighbor, who was the biggest ditz, could be getting better grades than me. Ha.

      Thanks for your comment, Beth!

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