Art History (Cassatt and Escher)

For Art History today we learned about Mary Cassatt and M.C. Escher. Although they did some amazing multiple view sketches, I love their “Mary Cassatt” pictures the best. Since Cassatt did beautiful paintings of mothers with children, I told my six cute students to create a colorful picture of their mother with them when they were a baby.

Luke and Mommy

luke and mommy

Isabel and Mommy

Isabel and mommy

What we learned today (May 20th)…

Mary Cassatt
-1844 to 1926
– Pennsylvania
-wealthy family
-Impressionism (short brush strokes, bright colors)
-painted in Paris, France
-painted women with children
-never had children of her own

M.C. Escher
-1898 to 1972
-bad grades in school
-graphic artist
-“mathematical art”

Next week we will learn about…

Edgar Degas and Norman Rockwell


2 thoughts on “Art History (Cassatt and Escher)

  1. What little artists you have! I love Luke’s picture especially… the dress your wearing is so pretty. Too bad I wasn’t wearing any clothes in my son’s picture (I mean, duh.. I had a skirt..)

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