A neighbor of ours is really into model trains.  He told us about a friend of his in town who is REALLY into trains and having an open house.  It was amazing.

The treasure hunt made it so much fun.  We only found 3 “smirfs” by the way.

This was Sylvia’s favorite, the bear eating the horse.

Isabel and I were determined and found ALL of the things on the treasure hunt.

because the kids completed the treasure hunt they got a train whistle, Hazel was too little to do the treasure hunt so she improvised her own train whistle.

Here is some good video footage.


One thought on “Trains!

  1. my kids would SO LOVE that. Wish we could have come to see you this weekend. We miss you SO! we’re thinking of planning a Legoland trip early next year.. January/Feb. Wanna join us?

    Happy Thanksgiving! Love you guys!

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