Sylvia Turns 6

Sylvia is now 6!  I love Sylvia’s facial expressions in these present opening pictures.



Waiting for her cowboy, Cassidy, at Trail Dust Town.

On the train ride.

About to eat some cowboy food.

You are not allowed to wear a tie at the Pinnacle Peak Restaurant.  Notice the ties hanging up.

The servers made quite a loud entrance when they came over to our table to sing to Sylvia and cut Joey’s tie off.  Sylvia took cover under the table but we were able to coax her out in time to be sung to.

That Joey wore a tie even though Sylvia had been warning him for months.  She didn’t want him to come with us to the restaurant because he had a tie on.  While we were eating, they came and cut his tie off and told him to never wear a tie in their restaurant again.  Afterward Joey asked Sylvia, “Why didn’t you warn me!?”

We enjoyed watching the Gun Show although Sylvia had to ask us if the guys were really hurt…or, dead.

Horse cake by Nadine’s Bakery.  Luke pointed out that it is pretty gross that we would be eating the mud and horse poo.


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