It’s Always the Primary President’s Kid

Once a year the Primary (all of the children eleven and under) in our church put on a Program during Sacrament Meeting.  The children sing the songs they have learned throughout the year and each child has a speaking part.  I am the Primary President and am in charge of the Primary.  Being someone who doesn’t like to be in charge of anything, it is an understatement to say, it has been a learning experience for me.  Today we had one last practice before the big day, tomorrow.  Sylvia does a great job singing and with her speaking part, but like usual, she was all over the place, hopping up and down or lying on the floor.

When we got home I asked her if she is going to be out of her seat and running all over during the performance tomorrow.  She answered, “Probably, but I think it will be an accident.”  I laughed then said, “That little devil on your shoulder is very persuasive, isn’t he!?”  She replied, “That’s a freckle on my shoulder!”

At this point, I am asking myself, which would look worse, Sylvia running all over the place during the program, or Sylvia duct taped to her seat?

Sylvia Singing


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