Sylvia Surprise!

One of the main reasons why I homeschool is so that I have more time to do fun things with my family, and yet, at times it is very difficult to say no to cleaning and yes to sitting down and reading a book or playing a game with them.

Last night the house was a mess, I had just gotten home from a meeting and wanted to get dinner on the table before Joey got home.  Sylvia had had a great gift idea for daddy for a while now and it had become one of those things that I kept saying, “tomorrow” to.  I am so glad I chose to say yes to it.  The kids thought it was fun and needless to say, it was the best gift Joey has ever received!

Luke helped with the wrapping.

What could it be?!

A Sylvia!

And a hug!


2 thoughts on “Sylvia Surprise!

  1. love this! Zack would SO want to be wrapped up. I think I will try it today— Wrap him up around 5 pm. Daddy gets home around 7 pm……….. a present for everyone!

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