Rainy Day for a Picnic

With nothing to do this morning, we packed a lunch and headed out to have a picnic at our favorite park.

I always try to be a good example to my children, so a lot of times that means I have to fake it.  The biggest things that I fake are, loving dogs and going gaga over babies.  I really want my children to know that animals and babies are special.  Every dog we see we ask it’s owner if it’s a boy or a girl, what’s it’s name, and can we pet him.  My girls love dogs, Luke, not so much.

We read a few books on the blanket.  (I love the striped legs behind us.)

Luke feeding the ants.

Our picnic got rained on.  Isabel took this picture of me going back for Hazel’s shoes.

Sylvia in the rain.


2 thoughts on “Rainy Day for a Picnic

  1. I love that you have to fake liking babies. I was actually thinking of you the other day because when Hazel was Simon’s age (10 months or so) you said that you were starting to love her (not that you didn’t before, but…) all I can think about with MY 10 month old is that I don’t love this stage. I thought I loved all baby stages, but I really don’t like this one. He’s so BUSY! and MESSY! What I wouldn’t give to go goo-goo over my newborn again.

    we are so different, it’s amazing we’re friends.

    oh, and I didn’t know it RAINED in AZ???

  2. I like older kids because I can ignore them and they would stay alive…hahaha. Kidding but not really. Oh yeah it rains! Monsoon season! It is so strange because at the end of summer it gets really green around here (“really green” being relative of course) because of all of the rain.

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