Mini Time Machine Museum

Isabel’s very favorite place in the world is the Mini Time Machine Museum.  She was so inspired, she created a little room of her own with pictures on the walls and a rug.

We then went to a thrift store to see if we could find any fun miniature items to add to her shoe box home but had no luck. Instead, we found THIS…

Isabel has set up her plastic doll furniture inside, along with some blocks and has even created little paper tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.

She also made a tiny Time Magazine apparently featuring George Washington.

Car advertisement on the inside.

It even has a tear out subscription form. (Four dollars, not a bad deal!)

Isabel and I have had so much fun looking at miniature furniture on eBay and Etsy. I can see how easy it could be to get carried away and spend every last dime fixing up our new “home.” Oh and her very cute shoe box home has become the guest house.

One thought on “Mini Time Machine Museum

  1. LOVE this. makes me want a girl so badly to play house with! fun, fun, fun!

    Oh, and if she sells her mag subscription for $4.00 each, she can buy all the fixings she wants!

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