– Droppin’ the WordPress

We are droppin’ the wordpress and pimpin’ it out!  From now on please visit the NEW blog at   In the coming months I hope to make this blog a fun homeschooling resource in addition to a record of our family activities.  I’ve started it off with some free coloring pages!  Head on over to the new blog SabrinaSchool.comwhere homeschooling is fun!

Sabrina Home Schooling Blog


One thought on “ – Droppin’ the WordPress

  1. Sabrina,

    I thought I’d better warn you about getting too much into archery. The Amazon women in Greek mythology were reportedly the worlds greatest archers. And they were so enthusiastic about archery that they would cut off their right breasts so that the breast wouldn’t get in the way of the bow string. As I said, this is just a warning.


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