Nature is Cruel (and so is the baby army)

I found Hazel like this the other day.  Sylvia taped her up so that she could be ready to go into the “baby army.”

Yesterday a tiny birdie hit our window and this lizard took advantage of the situation.  He sat with the bird in his mouth for a very long time, I am sure wondering if he had taken on a little bit more than he could handle.

Boy Peeing in Ant Hill by Luke Vincent


2 thoughts on “Nature is Cruel (and so is the baby army)

  1. That is the widest pee stream I’ve ever seen. Hmmm…I don’t think I’ve seen too many but I can imagine. Or maybe I don’t want to.

  2. the baby army?? I laughed so hard at that last week, but didn’t comment. That look on her face tells me she’s been taped before… and knows it’s gonna hurt to take it off.

    and Natalie– maybe it’s actually two separate streams? Ever met anyone with two pee holes? me neither.

    Tell Luke that the spine and butt are fantastic. Looks like you’re raising little artists.

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