Bonny Bride…?

Today (in the afternoon when I knew we weren’t going anywhere) I let Sylvia pick out my outfit.  Of course she picked my wedding dress, the hugest earrings I have and my birdie necklace.  She chose the hairstyle and lipstick too.  Sylvia was the photographer as well.

Here is the bonny bride talking on her cell phone trying to get new renters in the LV house.

Here the blushing bride is watching her kids swim.

Bridal texting.


8 thoughts on “Bonny Bride…?

  1. I’ve tried to comment on this post a couple of times now… and I just can’t find the right words to sum up how I feel about it. I think it sums up all the reasons why I love you, and why I so badly need a little girl around my house. Will you trade Sylvia for Zack?

    • I seriously don’t know who would get the good deal on a trade like that. I guess Sylvia WILL let you paint her nails, but then again, she will wipe them all over the furniture while they are still wet. It would be fun for us to make a list of the horrible/psycho things that they do and see if we can conclude which one is more exhausting. Here is the start of Sylvia’s list, recently she…

      punched Luke in the stomach
      scratched Isabel a number of times
      draws stick figures in pen on the inside of our car
      cuts white “snow” (paper) all over the house
      glues random objects together
      makes her own recipes in the kitchen
      leaks out some pee and once it’s discovered she yells, “ACCIDENT!”

      (Zack’s list on your blog is just as entertaining.)

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