Activities We’ve Been Doing Lately

Isabel is sewing her favorite pillow that is so old and needed some repairs.  While Sylvia is designing her own stuffed animal.

I bought these little folding tables at a thrift store and painted the tops blue!  We love them.


Chinese lesson.

Character ink painting!

How does one get ink on their face?  Believe me, it only got worse.

Luke dissected a paper wasp’s nest.  He pulled out the larva and everything!

Skipbo on the back porch.

Isabel learned how to shuffle.

Photography by Sylvia.


3 thoughts on “Activities We’ve Been Doing Lately

  1. love the sewing projects… love the chinese lessons and I must say that you know how to work it while playing Skipbo. Me and my boys will take you DOWN while on the road in a few months………

  2. Skip-Bo on the porch sounds nice. Kylee and I love to play that game. The Chinese lesson looks awesome! Love you.

  3. I want to comment on all your posts… sylvia is still hilarious I know you never have a dull moment with her! Hazel looks long in one of those pictures… still working on her hair! I thought the butt shot was Luke at first ha ha ha that would be a good one to show his girlfriends! I can’t believe how long the girls hair is getting! We miss you all!

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