Yesterday we spent four hours at the Mini Time Machine Museum being models.  We had RSVPed to attend this photo/video shoot for a commercial or brochures or both.  They had an unbirthday party that Isabel was a part of, a story time, and a fake tour that Luke was begrudgingly in.  All of this was filmed and then photographed.  Oh also, the photographer did a mini photo shoot with just me holding Hazel looking at some miniature doll  houses.  At the end we got to have pizza and cake (why I RSVPed in the first place.)  Luke didn’t want to be in any pictures, Sylvia just ran around like her typical fun self, everyone had fun, but Isabel really got into it.  She loved being a model for a day.  This is the only picture I got, in the party room eating pizza since I think the rest of the museum, photography is off limits…(unless they’re doing a professional photo shoot of course.)  Oh, and Sylvia’s face in this picture, that’s not a random facial expression, that is her pose.


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