6 Times!!!

I don’t really think it is my all time high but still pretty good for one outing to Target then Costco.  What am I talking about you may ask?  How many times I get “You have your hands full.” from strangers.  Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty sure these strangers mean something well when they say this, but I am never quite sure what “You have your hands full” really means or how I should respond.  “Thank you???” “Do I really look THAT frazzled today???” or “Yeah, do you want to lend me a hand instead of commenting on how full mine are???”  Any ideas or suggestions on what my response should be?

In defense of all of the strangers, there was ONE stranger who responded to me “having my hands full” wonderfully!  An older Hispanic woman that didn’t speak a lick of English came up to me in the parking lot, gestured to my children, raised her hands in the air and then sweetly put her hands on both sides of my face, all while saying something in Spanish that sounded very happy and celebratory to me.  (for all I know she could have been saying, “you and your children are stinky poo heads”) but I smiled my biggest smile and said, “THANK YOU!”


10 thoughts on “6 Times!!!

  1. I get it too, and I have 1 less! I’m with you… do I LOOK that frazzled? And what DO you say. Maybe, “Idle hands are the devils workshop.” ?

  2. I thought of some really great things to say but I don’t want your kids to know I have a potty mouth. Really though, I think you’re right…people aren’t trying to be negative. I think THEY want to say something and it is THEM that doesn’t know what to say (I don’t think that was grammatically correct.) What about…”Yeah, isn’t it great?” or “And this is only half of them.”

  3. Did it sound like “Tu y tus hijos se semejan cabezas con olor a caca?” Because if it didn’t sound like that, she probably wasn’t saying that you and your children are stinky poo heads.

    Personally, I like your response of Thank You to her, and think you should use it with anyone. I think it would be good if a sarcastic comment of having your hands full was returned with a sincere (or as sincere as possible) Thank you! May catch them off guard!

  4. At least they didn’t yell, “Haven’t you ever heard of birth control?” like two workmen did who saw me with my four little ones once.

  5. I get this EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Then they shake their heads in disapproval when they see they are all boys… as if I am cursed.

    As far as a comeback, I would just flip them off. (when your kids aren’t looking, of course.)

  6. What a funny story! I found a feed for “homeschool” tags in WordPress this morning, and followed you from there- we start homeschooling in the Fall 🙂 After my first was born I was clothes shopping with my husband- while I tried on jeans he had Ernie. A woman came up and smilingly asked “Is this your first” “Yes” “….Good! Don’t have any more!” You just want to ask how she felt about her OWN birth, being so picky about others being born 🙂 I have no idea what to say to people. Maybe just a Yep! and walk away smiling? 🙂

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