Luke’s Love Note

Luke gave me this note today.

This was such a nice note since I was sick yesterday and even though Joey was home and did a great job taking care of us, being a mom, you still never really get a day off.  I thought about when I was nine, I never recognized all of the things my mother did for us, or noticed whether or not she was sick.  I hugged Luke and told him that he is very mature.  His response, “No I’m not, I laugh at the word, underwear.”


6 thoughts on “Luke’s Love Note

  1. Miss you guys! Kids have the best things to say in love notes. And Luke is no exception. Guess what? Steve just got put in as Grace’s primary teacher. Guess no one else could handle the wild woman 🙂

  2. Okay so i was reading the post below and I realize I miss you. You are so funny and your family is great. By the way I love your dark hair you look amazing and sexy too but don’t tell anyone I said that they might think it weird coming from a girl.

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