Sewing and Baking Field Trip to Salt Lake City!

Isabel and I went to visit my sister in Salt Lake City for the weekend. Isabel’s first time in an airplane.

I paid two bucks for those peanut M&M’s. Yeah, we were living the high life.

I love it how on an airplane, most of the passengers are so bored and tired of flying, but you’ll always find a couple of dorks like us, taking pictures and oooing and aweing at the sunset.

Natalie spent a lot of time teaching Isabel how to sew, by hand and with the machine. Here are a few of the projects Isabel accomplished!

An “Isabel” banner.

Bean bags, one for Luke, Isabel, Sylvia and Hazel.

Isabel loved it, and I loved meeting, holding, feeding, cuddling with my new cute baby nephew, Jack.

And here he is with his mommy.

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures.

Isabel didn’t mind that the snow was gross and crunchy.

They made a strawberry cake from scratch together. Notice the matching aprons. Natalie always thinks of everything, and more.

Jack, Natalie and Justin

In their PJs.



4 thoughts on “Sewing and Baking Field Trip to Salt Lake City!

  1. And THAT is why homeschooling is so AWESOME! Your sister looks/seems as adorable as you! Looks like a perfectly memorable weekend!

  2. so cute!! I love that pic of natalie holding jack. they have the exact same face and you can see his little dimple in his cheek just like hers and he has the same lips too! I be that was so much fun to finally meet him! 🙂 Love the pics she took of you! You are so cute!!

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